The Soap Girls

Let us help you navigate thru online difficulties.


The SoapGirls are pop. They’re dance. They are two super-sassy girls with linked minds and souls. They’re the epicenter of a new sound reverberating across the globe. The SoapGirls are Mie and Mille: Two French African blonde bombshells who are warm-hearted girls, born performers and are made for the spotlight.



Enter into a relationship with these extremely talented young girls who were in the middle of a tumultuous business relationship, not to mention they are located in South Africa!


Provide them guidance, a web strategy, and helped secure them their dot com domain name.


Developed to increase awareness about the girls and their brand. Provided them managed hosting services so that there is no interruption to keeping their website online, enabling to better connect with their fan base. And made some great friends in the process!

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