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Advertising and Marketing Company is dedicated to both online advertising and traditional print advertising and offline marketing channels.

The term online advertising is simply a term that relates to advertising online, or advertising over the Internet. In practice online advertising is about getting your website or contact information in front of the people who are interested in your product or service. In fact more and more small business owners are using online advertising to market their goods and services to their target audience in an attempt to get more leads from their online advertising campaigns. And guess what? Yes small business people are finding out that without a doubt advertising online is the most economical way to market their goods or services.

We are also dedicated to the science of search engine keyword based marketing which is still growing at double digit growth rates, and per click revenues are increasing too. More and more business people are understanding the power and simplicity of search engine marketing and how online advertising benefits their business in terms of both sales and building a strong brand.

The world of online advertising can be divided into a several different advertising options. These options are not exclusively the only areas from which to choose, however they represent the most popular and frequently used.

search engine advertising: more than 50% of the total spent last year in online advertising. This relates to keyword based search engine optimization and paid advertising via pay per click campaigns. The three biggest sources of this type of advertising are Google, Yahoo, and Bing {MSN}. There are plenty of additional smaller online search advertising options but these three are the best of the best and each one has a pay per click advertising interface that is simple to use. Just in case you are wondering the big three search engines represent 98% of the entire search advertising market. Get it correct with the big three search engines and you are getting it right with 98% of your keyword based search audience. Now you can spend lots of money with these companies, or you can commit to keyword research and application, search engine optimization strategies, back linking, and many other proven techniques.

This is time intensive. This is why we are in the business to handle this part of your business.

display ads: display ads are in your face, can be creative, and can fail if you do not do place them correctly! Display ads can work if they are delivered to the right audience, and they have be proven to work in local publications and community portals. Do your research or let us do it for you.

classified advertising: 17% of all spending last year or just over $4 billion dollars spent on classified advertising. So next time you say classifieds are not for your company or service offering you better think again. Both online and off, classified advertising can reach those who search everyday for your service or product. One of the greatest exclusive partnerships we have formed to date is to become a certified reseller with the Pennysaver National Advertising Network. We have worked out three advertising packages that enable us to provide discounted advertising rates lower then going directly to each Pennysaver individually.

Pennysavers are one of the most well known and trusted community resources throughout the United States. Not online do they have a great online network but they are the largest network of FREE door to door distributed publications. Their ability to place you literally into the homes of potential customers has made them one of the most important partnerships we have formed.

lead generation: there are so many ways to generate leads, from affiliate programs to landing pages, to building word of mouth testimonials. Lead generation is important as these potential customers are already ‘warm’ to your service or product, making conversion a bit easier.

rich media: 4% of all spending last year or almost $1 billion dollars. Rich media is more creative and interactive, helping to improve response.

email: holding on at 2% of total online advertising last year. Hard to believe email advertising accounted for $500 million dollars in revenues last year, but yes it still works.

Yes we also provide social media marketing services, conversion optimization, content creation and marketing, video production and video marketing services, and many other online marketing and advertising services. Give us a call to learn more.