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Affiliate Program

Join Our Affiliate Program has created the #1 online FREE Affiliate Program that can help you make some serious money referring our services to others. With our 10 Tier Affiliate Program you will be paid on every customer you send our way with LOW payment thresholds. All you need to do is sign-up, agree to our programs Terms & Conditions (like our zero tolerance for spam), obtain your Affiliate code, and start driving traffic our way!

We provide very generous affiliate commissions and you can create a great stream of income by taking advantage of all the services you can refer of ours.

If you are a serious Internet Marketer, or someone that is connected with a large business network you can earn thousands of dollars per month, or more, as an affiliate of

Affiliate Program

Top Paying Affiliate Program

As an affiliate of you will receive very generous commissions on all sales generated by you. This is NOT our 10 Tier Residual Income Opportunity, which is strictly reserved for our customers. Customers of 10Tier get FREE access to THE BEST income opportunity online; our 10 Tier residual income referral program.

Our affiliate program is a big deal because many companies pay you small commissions, requiring you to refer tons of business to even make any decent money from your efforts.

Not with us!

As an Affiliate with every customer you send our way will continue to pay you HUGE earnings! You may be wondering how much you can earn? Well…

The skies the limit and there is no cap or limit to how much you can earn as it will be entirely based upon your desire, your actions, and the amount of business you can send our way. We provide you the ability to refer our services & products and generate tremendous commissions as an affiliate of ours. If you’ve been searching for one of the greatest income opportunities online you have just found one of them, especially because it is 100% FREE to join!

Some Ways To Earn

Here are some of the amazing ways you can earn income as an affiliate of, and the commissions we will pay you for every customer that signs up to the service below. Remember these are the commissions for you referring just 1 of each service! If you were to refer more, your earnings would explode!

1 Site Advertising Promotion – $75 dollars in commission
5 Site Advertising Promotion – $200 dollars in commission
10 Site Advertising Promotion – $300 dollars in commission
20 Site Advertising Promotion – $500 dollars in commission

Small Business Web Design – $150 dollars in commission
eCommerce Web Design – $250 dollars in commission
Website Hosting – $25 dollars in commission
eBusiness – $50 dollars in commission

As you can see there is amazing earning potential in our Affiliate Program!


Best Affiliate Program

Start earning money now as a affiliate.

In this commission payment structure you will earn on every referral AND sale made by you.

Our company is dedicated to helping our affiliates maximize their earning potential, so we work hard to provide you with new services and products to refer increasing the number of income opportunities you can participate in.

Please be advised this is NOT our 10 Tier residual income opportunity. Only Customers & Ambassadors have the ability to earn residual commissions based on our multi-tier referral program.

If you’re a seasoned internet marketer or someone with access to a large network of people you should seriously consider becoming a customer of ours to take part in the greatest income opportunity online; our 10 Tier Customer Referral Program!

Affiliate Request Form

To be considered as a Affiliate please complete the request form below and submit it. If approved you will be provided with access to your affiliate links and can begin referring our services immediately.

    Affiliate Program Terms of Participation


    Participating in the Affiliate Program signifies that you read the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and that you agree to follow the rules of participating in our Affiliate Program, which includes:

    a.) You will not send unsolicited emails, email offers, promotions, or conduct any form of SPAM, Spamming that includes any mention of, or services, or our products. We have zero tolerance for SPAM and we provide no warnings or second chances. If you SPAM your Affiliate account, all pending earnings, future earnings, and any access to our services, Affiliate back office will be immediately terminated.

    b.) No affiliate link or ANY mention of, our services, our products or an opportunity to earn income with us may be listed on any website that displays or includes the following content: hate speech, pornography, violence in any manner, or sites that look to exploit others. You also may not include any of our material or mention us on sites that are setup as SPAM farms, link farms, article directories, or other sites that include adware, malware, spyware, or other malicious code.

    c.) You may not represent yourself as an employee, contractor, partner, business owner, or represent in any manner other then as an Affiliate.

    d.) You may make no promises on behalf of, our services, or products and may not make any claim as to the results a client may obtain by using any service or product of Every client is unique and we will work with the client to develop services and programs to provide the greatest level of ROI based on many variables, which includes market competition, clients budget, length of subscription to service, and the ability for the client to perform the needed actions to best leverage the services and products they subscribe to.

    e.) As an affiliate you agree to the Terms of Service published on

    f.) You agree to comply with all local, State, and Federal Laws and all actions you take are conducted by your own knowledge, research, and decision and in no way was based on any direction, guidance, or instruction of

    g.) You agree to be an all around good person and give us no reason to even consider removing you from this amazing opportunity and our community!

    Your participation as an Affiliate signifies that you read, understand, and agree to the terms of participation listed above. If you do not fully agree to the terms do not sign-up for this Affiliate Program. You also agree that this agreement can be updated or modified at any time and that your continued participation in our affiliate program signifies that you fully accept all terms of this agreement.

    EARNING DISCLAIMER: We do not promise you any earning potential as ALL earning potential is based on YOUR actions. Many people join Affiliate Programs and make little, or no income as they do not take action. Your participation in this free affiliate program signifies that you understand that we provide services and products that people NEED, and we provide amazing commissions for all referrals given to us. But your success and what you earn is 100% based on you!