Having a great product or service and a Web site online does not guarantee business.

Constant Advertising and a well planned marketing strategy is key!

A powerful ad is one of the most important aspects of your success. You only have a split second to grab your targets attention. Your potential customer will most likely scan the ads and only read one if it catches their attention. Write your ads with passion, excitement, and benefits. has a team of advertising experts to help build you an effective marketing plan, and create the advertising and promotional campaigns to get you results.

10Tier provides our clients with great advertising channels, discounted rates with great community websites and printed publications and the ability to saturate the market with your message or promotion. Developing and implementing a strategic marketing plan is an essential part of your success. However, unless you’re testing and tracking your strategies, you may be losing a great deal of time and money. That is why we provide a full backend marketing and analytical dashboard to keep you posted 24/7 with real data that can make a difference.

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