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Grow Your Local Presence

We provide the local SEO & marketing strategies that can help you attract customers from within your local area.


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Grow Your Local Business. Below are the services provided as part of our Grow Service Plan:

Search Engine Optimization – 10 hours

Our Search Engine Optimization Experts will provide you with 10 hours a month of SEO services as part of our Grow service plan. If you’re not getting found online, if you’re not ranking on the 1st Page of Google, you’re bleeding serious revenue to those that are!

Search Engine Optimization, and Search Engine Domination should be the focus, and goal, of every business owner, and entrepreneur that wants to remain in business and grow their business.

Optimized Blog Posts – 4

Our Content Creation team will work with our SEO Experts to create 4 Search Engine Optimized Blog Posts a month for you. These blog posts will include at least 500 words, will include on-site and off-site links, and optimized images to provide value to those who wish to attract and serve. Our Grow services will increase your rankings on the search engines for your specific niche and keywords.

Social Media Marketing – 12 hours

Our Social Media Marketing team will setup, optimize, and create a publishing schedule where they will leverage the top social networks to connect with your desired target audience.

We will help you attract and engage potential customers on all of the major Social Media Networks.

Local Business Listings – 10

We will setup and optimize your business on 10 of the top online business directories so that you will rank in local maps, and online business directories where customers can find you.

Paid Search Included – $250

Included in this monthly service plan is $250 dollars to be dedicated to Search Engine Marketing. This monthly Paid Search budget will be used on sites or services associated with Google, Yahoo, Bing or other identified search engines based on your specific business or marketing needs. Paid Search is leveraged to immediately drive more traffic, and laser target those you want to serve.

Paid Social Media Advertising Included – $100

Included in this monthly service plan is $100 dollars to be dedicated to Paid Social Media Advertising. This monthly Paid Social budget will be used on sites or services associated with Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or other identified social networks based on your specific business or marketing needs. Paid Social is leveraged to create brand awareness, and used for buzz and promotional marketing to engage your customers, and those you want to gain as customers.

Paid Social & Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a time consuming function that if not managed properly can evaporate your budget, and even draw you negative attention! Our experts understand how to leverage the advertising platforms on social networks, and search engines that will help drive targeted leads to your business. We will create, optimize, implement and manage your Paid Search efforts.

New Websites Created – 1 per year

As part of our Grow service plan we will create 1 website PER YEAR to assist you in dominating your local search market, segment and target your market, and implement our ‘Circling’ strategy to create Local Authority Sites (LAS) that will be used to not only obtain a first page search result, but truly dominate your local search market.

All design, development, Search Engine Optimization and website hosting fee’s are included in this Grow Service Plan so there will be no additional costs associated with creating you your new website!


Our Grow Service Plan is provided to business owners and entrepreneurs that understand most business fail in their first year, and many of the rest within 5 years.

This local SEO & Marketing service plan provides your company a dedicated team of SEO & Digital Marketing Experts that work hard to build your local authority, drive more traffic your way, and grow your business.