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A Quality Glass and Shade

A Quality Glass and Shade
A Quality Glass and Shade is a NYC based glass company. Previously did not have a company website, and was wasting $250 dollars a month on Yellow Page online advertising with virtually zero results!


No company website, no results from a $250 dollar a month budget being spent for ‘online advertising’, no idea what to do next.


Analyzed the clients needs, and understood that their current marketing efforts were producing zero results, and they need help. Outlined a web strategy that included a company website, SEO,  and online marketing.


Client was able to reduce their online marketing budget to $150 dollars per month and they began seeing results! They now receive phone calls and emails due to their new website and the online advertising we maintain for them. Within the first 3 months we helped generate enough new business that will cover their online marketing cost for the next 4 years!

60% less cost

750% ROI

From the client

When you have no idea where your money is going, or what you should expect, it isn’t a great feeling. We are in the glass business, not the internet business. The guys at where able to help us lower our cost, and get some serious result. They are great to work with. – Simone Almonte