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Local Search Market Domination

All our resources, creativity, and energy packaged into a client Exclusivity Agreement to help you dominate your local search market!


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Dominate Service Plan Application Form

If you are a local business that would like apply for our Dominate service plan please submit your application below. Not all businesses qualify for our Dominate service plan.

Once your application is received we will first determine if the niche you operate in, within your service location is available for us to provider services to. If we are already in an Exclusivity Agreement with your competition your application will be denied.

Secondly, we’re leaders in the local SEO & Digital Marketing industry and we want to work with leaders in their respective fields. In order to subscribe to our Dominate service plan you will need to confirm that you have the resources available to commit to a service level agreement of 6 months or more. We do not want to waste our time & resources, or yours.

If approved you will have a turnkey team of local SEO & Digital Marketing experts working tirelessly to dominate your local search market as an extension of your company from day 1.

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Our Dominate Service Plan is provided to business owners and entrepreneurs that understand most business fail in their first year, most within 5 years. This local SEO  & Marketing service plan provides your company SEO  & Marketing Experts that EXCLUSIVELY work for your company, in your niche, in your area.

Below are the services provided as part of our Dominate Service Plan:

Search Engine Optimization – 16 hours

Our Search Engine Optimization Experts will provide you with 16 hours a month of SEO services as part of our Dominate service plan. If you’re not getting found online, if you’re not ranking on the 1st Page of Google, you’re bleeding serious revenue to those that are!

Search Engine Optimization, and Search Engine Domination should be the focus, and goal, of every business owner, and entrepreneur that wants to remain in business and grow their business.

Optimized Blog Posts – 8

Our Content Creation team will work with our SEO Experts to create 8 Search Engine Optimized Blog Posts a month for you. These blog posts will include at least 500 words, will include on-site and off-site links, and optimized images to provide value to those who wish to attract and serve, and to increase your rankings on the search engines you wish to Dominate for your specific niche and keywords.

Social Media Marketing – 20 hours

Our Social Media Marketing team will setup, optimize, and create a publishing schedule where they will leverage the top social networks to connect with your desired target audience.

Local Business Listings – 50+ provides local business listings creation & management services. We manage your location data, presence, reputation and analytics.

Once you sign-up for our local business listings service we will create your local business directory profile on up to 50+ of the most popular business directories online. We also provide you with access to our dashboard that will allow you to see all your detailed listings across the network of directories.

We help you get found everywhere potential customers search. Google, Google Maps, Apple Maps, Bing, Facebook, Yahoo, Pennysavers, Yelp, local Chambers of Commerce and more!

We monitor and manage your local business listings so you can concentrate on your serving your customers!

Paid Search Included – $500

Included in this monthly service plan is $500 dollars to be dedicated to Paid Search. This monthly Paid Search budget will be used on sites or services associated with Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or other identified sites or services based on your specific business or marketing needs. Paid Search is leveraged to immediately drive more traffic, and laser target those you want to serve.

Paid Search; Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and leveraging the advertising platforms on social networks will help drive targeted leads to your business. We will create, optimize, implement and manage your Paid Search efforts.

Email Marketing Campaigns – 2 per month

We will setup and create for you 2 email marketing campaigns per month. Whether it is to inform your customers of news worthy announcements, or to drive more sales every month, our email marketing campaigns will deliver you results.

New Websites Created – 3 per year

As part of our Dominate service plan we will create 2 websites for you to assist you in dominating your local search market, segment and target your market, and implement our ‘Circling’ strategy to create Local Authority Sites (LAS) that will be used to not only obtain a first page search result, but truly dominate your local search market.

These websites will be updated with Search Engine Optimized blog posts, and will be fully developed to focus on specific aspects of your product or service. There is no additional cost associated with the design, development, optimization or hosting of these websites as everything is covered as part of our Dominate Service Plan.


Exclusivity Agreement – YES

You can read the Terms Of Service of our Exclusivity Agreement.

Not many services we provide qualify to include of Exclusivity Agreement, our Dominate service plan does. This agreement means that we will not (and CANNOT) provide the services you are signing up for to another customer in the same niche, in the same geographic region. This means that the entire team will be working completely, and with all of our energy, creativity, and resources solely on your business success in the areas you serve.

In essence you now have a complete marketing, development, and Search Engine Optimization team working for you.