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7 Ways to Optimize Google My Business Page

7 Ways to Optimize Google My Business Page

Why read our 7 Ways to Optimize Google My Business Page? Short answer: If you apply these SEO Tactics they can help you build more 1st page search results!

All businesses aim to improve their Google search listing and their marketing by growing their website to rise the ranks of Google’s search results. Everyone knows about optimizing their websites and using Google Ads to improve its visibility. However, people tend to overlook one crucial thing when trying to do so.

To improve your visibility, you also have to optimize your Google business listing or your Business Profile. This utterly free listing tool is incredibly powerful and can lead you to get more engagement and a lot more visibility. What this does is it compiles all your best features and lets people learn more about you and your business!

Here are seven ways to optimize your Google Business Page to improve your visibility!

Make a Google My Business Account and Set Up Your Profile

7 Ways to Optimize Google My Business PageIf you haven’t made a Google My Business account already, you should probably start by doing that. Please don’t get this confused with a Google business profile though as they are separate from each other. The nuance here is that Google My Business account is used to access the latter.

After this, make sure to fill up every aspect of your profile. Everything from your name to your address, phone number, website links, and business hours. You can even add a FAQ section by answering some commonly asked questions that people have in regards to your business.

The completeness of your business profile will help you rank higher in Google’s search listings.

Writing a Business Description

You may be shocked at first when you open up your business profile and see that there’s already a generated description under your business name.

Don’t worry, and you didn’t get hacked. This description is the editorial summary that Google generates based on the information that is in your profile.

Although you can’t edit that, you can edit the “from the business” section of your Google business profile. The description is usually seen under the reviews section, and you can fit up to 750 characters in it.

This is more than most sites even allow you to put in the about me section! Make sure to put the essential details in the first 250 characters and to utilize all 750 styles available.

Properly Choosing Category

If you want to optimize your Google Business Profile, choosing a category for your business is a must. It helps you get found in discovery searches, and it makes Google unlock category-specific features that’ll help you make your profile more attractive.

When choosing a category, make sure to be as specific as possible. There are over 3000 categories, and this is not the time to categorize your business to be general. If you own a Japanese restaurant, categorize it as a Japanese restaurant instead of just a restaurant.

Secondary categories are also a thing that you should set and keep in minds since some businesses fall under multiple categories.

Utilize Attributes

Once you’ve chosen a category, Google will give you category-specific attributes that can help make your business profile more alluring. These attributes usually display some of the services that you offer that customers tend to look for, such as takeout orders and delivery.

Select the attributes applicable to your business and the services that you provide, and you should be set!

Uploading Photos

Adding photos to your business profile is suitable for a lot of reasons. It can help your profile look better and show people around your business, it helps Google’s image recognition and begins to add you in local search results.

It shows the customers that you’re active—being active means that you’re more likely to get engagement which is essential for thriving or up and coming business!

Please don’t go and upload every single product that you make and sell though, at the end of the day it’s still better to have quality over quantity. Adding a photo every week or two is already enough for people to stay interested in your business.

Add Products and Services!

This is just as important as making your business page look aesthetically pleasing. Adding your products and the services you provide will give insight into the quality of your business!


When customers look for businesses on Google, they look for the ones with the best reviews. A company that has 4.5 stars and positive customer reviews look way more attractive that one that has 0 reviews.

Try to encourage customers to show their feedback and rate your business so that you not only get higher up in Google’s business search but also get criticism on what you should improve on!

Answer Customer Queries

This is the most crucial step that you should follow if you want to optimize your business page. Answering questions that customers ask will have a significant impact on how future customers see your business! The more interactive and engaging you are, the better.

7 Ways to Optimize Google My Business Page

In summary, this post demonstrates 7 ways you can optimize your GMB Page, but this is a fast evolving topic and you should be dedicated to learning all about Google, and of course stay on-top of SEO strategies that can help you outperform your competition!

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