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Business Start Up and Growth Consultants

Business Start Up and Growth Consultants

Start And Grow Your Company

10Tier is a NYC based web, marketing, and business strategic consulting company with expertise in the digital, startup, and growth space. Learn how to start a business with the help of our small business startup services and learn everything from finding the right domain name to building a BIG brand image.

Most businesses fail. Don’t be like most businesses.

Why do some businesses succeed at levels beyond their imagination, while others struggle or fail? How do successful businesses position, promote, and get paid for their service, products, advice, and knowledge while other more qualified, more experienced business owners struggle to survive?

There’s a huge difference in the way successful people and unsuccessful people think, and I believe that success itself is not some big mystery that people haven’t figured out before; maybe it’s just that you haven’t figured it out yet! Success has been figured out and it all comes down to the planning, strategy, and implementation of systems and actions that produce successful outcomes.

Business Start Up and Growth Consultants

As business startup and business growth consultants we help you form the strategic plan and its execution with ongoing support to sustain alignment of your goals, remove barriers to execution, and maintain momentum.

Most small business have small budgets during the startup of their company. This is a huge disadvantage in itself as not having the capital to fund business essentials can mean a quick ending to your dreams of building a successful business. Many businesses, due to being under capitalized at startup, over look one of the most important keys to the success of their business; marketing.

Without the dedication to marketing your business; both offline and online, you are almost guaranteed to be out performed by your competition that commits to making sure their message is heard. Most small businesses think that it takes a huge budget to run effective marketing campaigns, but the truth of the matter is it can take as little as a few hundred dollars a month to startup and maintain a great local marketing campaign!

Affordable Small Business Marketing Strategies

If you are a small business looking for affordable marketing strategies, or ways to market your business for free, read-on. If you have the time, and the know-how to do it yourself then you can begin to effectively market your business for FREE.

As Business Start Up and Growth Consultants we can help you succeed faster then going it alone.

You can setup a Facebook account and Facebook business page to connect socially with those you know, and those that live or do business in the areas you serve. You can create a free LinkedIn account and start networking with other people in your area, or find others you can use your product or service. You can also create free ad’s on sites like Cragslist, BackPage, Pennysavers, and other powerhouse sites like Yext and Yelp.

But probably the most important thing you can do is create your very own website. A website is super important for many reasons, but a few are; you control your website, your website becomes your 24/7 ad free marketing machine (free sites stream advertisements onto your page potentially bringing your visitors to the competition!).You can connect all of your other online marketing efforts into your website, and you can use all of your online marketing efforts to funnel leads to your website where you should be able to convert them into customers.

Now creating a website yourself can be a little tricky, and this is where an affordable web design company like can help, but of course you can always do it yourself. You will need to find a reliable web hosting company, you will need to determine what to build your website on (we recommend WordPress), you will need to find the right theme (or develop your own custom one), you will need to properly set it up and optimize it, you will need to make sure you back everything up and keep it updated and secure so you don’t get hacked!!!

Many small businesses find that doing it yourself just doesn’t make sense! It can takes weeks of time for you to complete all the steps to create your own website, and these days with complete website design packages starting around $500 dollars there really is no reason to waste your valuable time trying to build a website that most of the time looks and functions horribly!

For those companies that do not want to do it themselves, whether creating their website, or managing their marketing efforts, there is always the opportunity to hire a startup consultant or web design and marketing company. Following proven strategies and working with a company that has a proven track record of successful outcomes can greatly increase your chance of becoming the next successful business!

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