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Domain Development and Monetization

Domain Development and Monetization

Many people are interested in Domain Development and Monetization, and for good reason. As a domain name investor and domain name developer I know first hand what it means to own a large domain name portfolio and have to carry the cost of domain name registration year after year, essentially bleeding money to the hopes of striking it big in the future. My domain name portfolio hovers around 1000 domain names, mostly hand registered, but about a dozen or so purchased one way or another.

Developing and Monetizing Domains for Cashflow

Domain Development and Monetization has come at a cost of about $75,000 dollars, and counting!

Now this isn’t the hundreds of thousands (or millions) of dollars other domainers and domain name investors spend on their domain name portfolio’s, but for an ‘average’ guy like me this is a big nut. And like Robert Kiyosaki tells it, you either got an assest, or a liability! And until you find a way to stop the bleeding, your domain portfolio is nothing more then a liability!

Now I know that there is great value in premium domain names, but for the majority of domainers, we ain’t Rick Schwartz, Andrew Rosener, or Frank Schilling! I don’t know these great domainers but I would bet that monetizing their domain portfolio is a top priority as well.

So because I understood one simple fact, I can’t afford to ‘waste’ money on ventures that don’t produce cashflow (did way to much of that years gone by), I had to come up with a ‘plan’ to build my portfolio, generate more income then it the cost of registration fee’s, and produce enough profit to fund other ventures or buy better domain names.

Website Design

This is when I decided to actually start developing my domain names; with the full focus on Domain Development and Monetization. It all starts with website design. After the website is designed we work on content creation, and ranking the site. Now monetization comes in many forms; Google Adsense, paid advertisements, and affiliate links.

But for me the most profitable way I monetize my domain names is by leasing them to other companies in the form of a web and marketing package, or by customers who pay for ad space.

Let me explain.

I am located in NYC. I know NYC, do lots of business in NYC, and years ago started buying lots of NYC centered domain names. Take for example

Domain Development and MonetizationFrom 2004 to 2008 I had owned a physical Pennysaver, and later, ‘Smart Shopper’ circular in Queens, and other areas in NYC.

During this time I had also owned a growing number of domain names and realized that my Pennysaver and advertising business needed to be migrated online; which proved to be the best business decision I ever made, and this $8 dollar ‘investment’ and provided tremendous ROI over the years.

This NYC business based domain name continues to produce monthly cashflow for me, and it also generates lots of inbound calls from people who are interested in advertising, and then subscribe to additional services of ours…like SEO, web design, email marketing, etc…

And this online income has provided me with much more then a ‘normal’ 9-5 could have alone.

Domain Development and Monetization

Now ANYONE can do this; duplicate it in your area, in the same niche or any one of the thousands of others niche’s. Here is how you get started in the Domain Development and Monetization process. You first can go and find a great service niche domain name, or hand register a $10 domain name in another niche and profit hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars per year by developing it into an online marketing powerhouse!(check out some domains we have been listing here – Domain Name Marketplace )

After you figure out how to develop and monetize one domain you can then do what I did, continue to duplicate what works, and continue to build your online cashflow! It really is NOT that hard. If you want to learn more (not selling anything here!) send me an email or comment below and I can share ways to help you get started.

Online Cashflow Streams

Developing and monetizing domain names; hand registered domain names, is a great way to build up cashflow for other projects and other online business opportunities.

If you are looking to develop your domain name portfolio or want to work with the domain name monetization experts here at then please contact us. We are also open to joint ventures, especially with those who own premium one word domain names, or other great service niche domain names!

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