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Domain Investing and Monetization

Domain Investing and Monetization

Domain Investing and Monetization

When a company or individual buys domain names and then sells, leases or parks these domain names to earn money, it is known as domain monetization. The amount a person could earn through domain monetization depends largely on how and where the owner decides to develop or “park” their domains.

Some people – known as “domainers” – have years of experience in domain selling, parking, and buying and do this as a full time job. Parking a domain simply means creating a webpage or small site and posting ads on the page. In a pay-per-click model, every time a visitor clicks through the ads, you will be paid a few cents or dollars by the advertiser. Sometimes, ad space is rented by advertisers on a monthly basis.

Let our Domain Investing and Monetization experts help develop & lease your portfolio of domain names.

Domain Monetization

Domain monetization means using domain names to generate income through the sale of pay per click (PPC ) advertising, including PPC programs like Adwords on your site, or selling the Internet traffic that they may attract. Renting a domain also can “monetize” it. Domain monetization is used by both domainers and domainers but with a different purpose by the two groups. Domaineering is about advertising as an end in itself, while domaining is about speculation with the income earned from advertising or traffic as kind of a secondary bonus until the domain hopefully is sold for a capital gain, although there may be some degree of overlap. As an analogy, think of domaineering as “Madison Avenue” while domaining is “Wall Street”.

Domaineering is the web-based marketing business of acquiring and monetizing Internet domain names for their use primarily as an advertising medium rather than speculating on domains as intellectual property investments for resale as in domaining. In essence, the domain names function as virtual Internet billboards with generic domain names being highly valued for their revenue generating potential derived from attracting Internet traffic hits.

As with traditional advertising, domain monetization is part art and part science. Often to be the most effective as advertising tools, the domain names and their corresponding landing pages must be engineered or optimized to produce maximum revenue which may require considerable skill and good knowledge of search engine optimization ( SEO ) practices, marketing psychology and an understanding of the target market audience. Domaineering generally utilizes a firm offering domain parking services to provide the sponsored “feed” of a word or phrase searched for thus creating a mini-directory populated largely by advertisers paying to promote their products and services under a relevant generic keyword domain.

Occasionally content is added to develop a functional mini-website. Domainers and some of those who advertise online using keywords believe domaineering provides a useful, legal and legitimate Internet marketing service while opponents of domaineering decry the practice as increasing the ubiquitous commercialization of the world wide web.

Domaineering is practiced by both large companies who may have registered hundreds or even thousands of domains to individual entrepreneurial minded domaineers who may only own one or a few domains.

Domain Name Investing

In future articles we will get into how we have invested in a portfolio of about 1000 domain names and how we use these domain names to generate revenue from PPC ad’s, rented ad space, leasing premium domain names and other high revenue domain monetization strategies!

Our initial goal over six years ago with our domain name portfolio was to earn a dollar a day from each of our 1000 domain names. Today some of our domains bring in $100+ a day!

If you would like to see what premium domains we own and how our Domain Investing and Monetization experts can help you please contact us now.

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