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How to lease a Domain Name

How to lease a Domain Name

Leasing a Domain Name

Many people cannot register a great domain name and wonder where to find premium domain names for lease?

Leasing domain names, especially premium domain names, can be a challenge. You need to make sure that you are getting into a business with a domain name leasing company that will deliver on the promise and be legally bound by the agreements you agree to. This article will help you learn how to lease or rent a domain name.

Domain Name Leasing

Buying a domain name for your business may not run you hundreds of thousands of dollars, but buying a premium domain name may cost more than you are willing or able to spend. When you do not have the upfront capital to buy a premium domain name, leasing a premium domain name may be the best option.

When leasing a domain name it is important to go into a leasing agreement well prepared just as you would any traditional real estate leasing agreement. A firm understanding of the costs and terms is important to making a lease agreement work for both parties, and legally protect those parties as well. It is also advisable to consult with an attorney specializing in leasing domain names and intellectual property, or at the very least make sure you have the understanding needed to enter into a lease agreement for the domain name you want.

When leasing a domain name, it is possible the domain name may be taken away after you work hard to build it, and you will literally turn over all the ard work and investment you put into it. Because of this reason many pople who lease a domain name also factor into the contract a lease to own agreement with the owner of the domain name after a set number of years. A ‘domain buy out’. Just as in other rent to own agreements, you would own the name outright after an agreed upon set number of payments and maybe a final ‘ballon’ payment.

Benefits of leasing a domain name.

Domain leasing is a great way to acquire a premium domain name without paying a hefty upfront sales price. Domain Leasing is similar to leasing a car, domain leasing gives a buyer the right to use a domain name over a specified time period while making periodic lease payments to the seller, and at the end of the lease term gives the lessee the option to renew or buy the domain name. Most domain lease transactions have some option for the lessee to buy the domain name outright, either within the lease period or at the end of the lease term. Buyers can lease domain names to get access to premium names without the high upfront costs if you were buying the domain name outright.

Potential downside is that some domain name leasing companies require a down payment, or upfront lease fee. If you stop payment or cancel your obligation you will forfeit your deposit. This is probably the only downside to leasing a domain name as long as you crafted a solid lease agreement.

How to lease a domain name?

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