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Make Money Online

Make Money Online

This post will describe how to make money online, how we make money online (besides the services we provide), and more importantly how you can start making money online.

Making money online is not hard, but making lots of money online can be more challenging unless you have a profit blueprint, the right systems, and of course products, services, or information that people will want to obtain from you.

Here at we generate income online by offering affordable web design, SEO, and other online marketing services. We have been generating income online from these services since 2006. But that is not what this post is going to focus on, I am going to get into other ways I personally generate income online outside of the services provided thru our company.

Developing Domain Names to Generate Income

5 years ago it was so easy to generate a thousand dollars a month online by creating simple 1 and 2 page websites, getting them ranked on Google, and making money from Google Adsense. Those days are mostly gone, however, developing domain names into useful websites can still generate great money from Google Adsense, paid advertisements, and listing affiliate links.

Two critical things to keep in mind if you want to generate income by developing domain names into authority websites is that you need to create quality content that will be useful to those that visit your website, and the second is to understand how to monetize your website so that you can maximize earning potential. For the inexperienced web developer it may be difficult to do this on your own, however EVERYONE, should embark on developing ANY kind of website because action produces action, and as you get involved with developing domain names into useful websites you will learn, grow, and ultimately earn more money online.

Developing Domain Names to Sell or Lease

Once you develop a domain name into a website that gets a decent amount of web traffic, or has been monetized with a track record of monthly income, someone will buy or lease your website. Yes, if your website is generating cash flow, a buyer can be found!

No matter what idea you have it is almost certain it is not unique! Someone out there will be trying to start or enhance their business that is related to your website, and if you can provide instant results in the form of a turnkey website providing traffic, customers, and cash flow that business will want to purchase your site. Just take a look at all the websites like Flippa that is a marketplace for people looking to buy or sell their domain names and websites! Many people are full time developers that take domain names, develop them, build up traffic, monetize them (even if it’s just small monthly cash flow) and then list them on a marketplace where someone purchases it.

Making Money Online with Domain Names

Another way to make money online; and which I personally do, is to develop domain names and then find companies that want to lease them. As many visitors to this site know, with a domain portfolio around 1000 domain names, you need to find ways to monetize them or bleed about 10k a year!!!

The domain names I develop and then lease to companies range in the $75 – $1,000 a month range, with the higher range usually including more then 1 domain name in the lease agreement. This alone allows me to cover all of my domain name registration fee’s AND make a profit!

You do not need to carry the burden or cost of owning 1000 domain names. You can start with a few, or just 1 domain name, develop it and then find a client in your local area to lease it from you.

Say you live in Houston, Texas. You could find a domain name like or, or any other service related industry and add to it the GEO specific location you live in. You can register a domain name for around $10 dollars, get cheap web hosting for under $10 a month as well to start, and then develop the site using WordPress and a great WordPress theme. You can then start writing quality content on your website, and work on SEO to rank the sites on the search engines.

Do this everyday for about a month and you will have a website that ranks well, and is loaded with content!

You then seek out those who can benefit from your site and lease them your website. So your ongoing expense will be under $10 a month, and if you find a business to lease this site for $75 a month you are generating $65 a month in residual income. That’s $780 a yea!!!

Now the idea is to then acquire and develop more domain names. Following the same example model above, if you developed 10 sites and lease them out you would generate almost $10,000 per year. How could anyone be broke these days is beyond me!

But as you continue to develop domain names and lease them to businesses you will learn more, acquire better domain names, lease domain names for more money ( a lot more money ) and begin to make some serious money online.

This is just one great way to make money online.

Content Creation to Generate Income Online

Another great way to make money online is to create content for companies. Content in the form of blog posts is one way to do this. Every business has to continuously engage in quality content creation if they want to stay relevant, keep readers coming back, and rank well on the search engines.

Most companies do not have the time, or know how to manage this, so offering this as a service is another great way to make money online. Most small businesses I work with are more then happy to pay $250 dollars per month for the creation, optimization, and posting on their websites and social media accounts 3 or 4 articles a month!

Even if you were only to find customers who are willing to pay you a $100 a month to do this, and you obtained 10 clients, you would be generating a $1000 dollars per month! It is really easy to find 10 clients…but it’s best to create and start on your own website first, which in turn can showcase your style and list the services you can provide.

Content creation is a great way to make money online! Still broke…how? Just start now. A free blog on WordPress, BlogSpot, anything. Just take action, learn, stick with it, and you’ll get better along the way. As you get better you become more valuable to others, and in turn will generate more income from your services.

Make Money Online

Making money online is easy…and there are more ways to make money online then I could write about here. Hopefully this has sparked a few ideas, more so, I hope this helps you to act now and begin generating the income online that you can easily obtain.

More then making money online, the things you will learn and the new people you get to meet is a true reward in itself, at least for me it is.

If you still feel like you need help getting started then feel free to send me an email, I am always happy to help others get started online and help you make money online!

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