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Search Engine Ranking 101

Search Engine Ranking 101

Let’s get right to it – a solid search engine ranking is not going to happen overnight.

Search engines are becoming more and more intelligent every day. While flooding the internet with backlinks used to be and is still somewhat the best way to promote a site, too much can cause the site to lose ranking because the links are registered as spam by the search engine programming. Once a site is flagged as a spamming site, it will be lost in the search engine abyss forever.

Search Engine ranking takes time, skill and a dedication on your part. You might think an hour in the sack a week is great at home, by try spending that much time on your relationship with search engines and you will see how fast you are passed on by.

Commitment, eeks…yes the C word.

This is what it will take. The good news is that this is a relationship you can share with us! We will take the time and provide the love that your site deserves (and the search engines expect) so that you can steadily move up the ranks and reach that position that many will never know.

Now don’t let these SEO ‘Gurus’ fool you. You can learn most of what you need to know about SEO online…for free!


You can learn how to build a house or car online for free as well. I know that is a stretch, but lets consider one thing. If you are going to spend the time needed to learn these SEO tips and tricks and then dedicate the time it takes to apply them, and then take the time to maintain this process, what will become of your primary business?

Notice one repeating theme discussing SEO. Time.

If you have it, or you have others that can dedicate themselves to applying the skillset needed to achieve Search Engine Top rankings, then you are all set!

When you lack time or the staff needed to ensure your search engine rankings are always reaching closer to the top (and staying there) then this is when you need to seek the SEO help of those that can provide you with the professionalism, no B.S. SEO assistance you need.

Understand your needs and let nothing come in your way!

See you at the top.

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