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Selecting the right domain name

Selecting the right domain name

Selecting the right domain name

Do you understand the importance of selecting the right domain name, and what it can mean to the success of your online business?

Are you looking to start an online business? Have you been thinking about where to start and wondering what are some of the most important decisions you need to make to starting a successful online business? Well this article is going to help you with some of the ‘success factors’ and making sure you start off building a great foundation to your future success online.

Premium Domain Names

Selecting The Right Domain NameWhen you set out to build a house the most important thing to ensure that your house is a safe abode for you and your family is a strong foundation. Similarly, starting a successful online business begins with laying the proper foundation. In this article we will focus on one very important aspect in laying a great foundation online to building a successful business by selecting a great domain name. Premium Domain Names can help you lay that foundation of success online. A great domain name can help you rank high, drive traffic to your website and establish a great brand online. Great Domain Names can lay a great foundation for your online business!

Premium Domain Names are more than a name, a domain name is much more than an address, it is how the rest of the world finds you. A good domain name is an essential part of your branding and marketing strategy, and a great domain name can help you find success online in a very short time. Domain Names that are considered ‘category killers’ can drive a huge amount of traffic to your website, and more website traffic equals more sales. And this is what a premium domain name can do for your online business. Premium domain names are the ultimate drivers of online business and quality online branding. Companies of all sizes and varieties are gaining a competitive edge on their competition by purchasing premium domain names which represent their location and their industry.

Geo Domain Names

What is a geo domain name? A geo domain name is a domain name that couples the topic or target and the actual location that you want to target. Selecting the right domain name that is a geo domain can help you dominate your local search marketplace. An example would be NYC Plumbing Service.

If you had a domain name like this you would capture all direct type in’s as well as all search engine queries that match these phrases (if your site is of high quality content) and you can actually dominate the local business market you operate in because of a geo targeted domain name like this. Many geo targeted domain names can be so beneficial to the success of a business that they in themselves can be classified as an amazing domain name.

Local business success can be greatly improved by adopting and implementing a marketing campaign that includes a geo domain name and the online marketing efforts to rank and dominate the local search engines that your business operates within. Doing this can essentially replace the need for all CPC marketing efforts and organically rank you within the first page; if not the top, of all the search engines for the keywords you want to rank for.

Keyword Rich Domain Names

Finding and obtaining a keyword rich domain name and building your online business brand based on this domain name is what many successful online businesses have found to be their greatest tool, and delivering the greatest ROI on their marketing efforts. Selecting the right domain name for your business can greatly assist your online marketing success, and will help you grow your business in the markets you are looking to operate in. Having the right web and marketing company in your corner can mean all the difference to trying to compete in a market, or dominating the market you entered.

If you would like to setup a time to speak with a qualified domain name broker or one of our digital marketing experts to learn more about selecting the right domain name please feel free to contact us today.

There is no cost or risk with picking up the phone or emailing us today! Selecting the right domain name for your primary website, or to use as a secondary website to dominate the local search engines can increase the chances of you being the next business to not only survive, but thrive online!

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