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Business Development and Optimization

Business Development and Optimization

In this article you will find information you can use to help develope your business and optimize your website and the awarness your marketing efforts generate. We also let you know how we can assit you at any step of the way.

Social Media Marketing
Social media comes in all shapes and sizes. Buzz, branding, traffic, links & mindshare… each company has its own unique goals. We can help your company accomplish them through social media marketing. We create custom solutions that quickly achieve business objectives and help you increase your bottom line.

Whether it is user-generated news, bookmarking, blogging, tweeting, forum-posting or optimizing video, it’s all social media marketing.

We know that your company, content, services, and products are unique and require a customized strategic plan for success. We offer your company carefully crafted solutions designed to increase your visibility, your reach, and your search engine rankings.

We create custom plans using an effective mix of marketing services to fulfill all of your company needs and deliver those specific business objectives you desire.

Business Development and Optimization

Video Optimization, Distribution & Promotion
Video is one of the most important media platforms online right now. How is your brand leveraging it? At 10Tier we can help you not only create amazing video content, but we can also help you build an audience for this content using online video marketing strategies so it does not fall flat.

We will help you develop the video from concept to production, aggregate the video across platforms such as Youtube and MetaCafe, and once on those platforms help you build a rich audience of viewers that will interact with your content.

Viral Marketing & Linkbait Promotion
Every planned action needs metrics to evaluate the expected outcome. If high quality content fails to build social media word-of-mouth, we revise, reconfigure, and reshape the material rather than allow it to fall on deaf ears.

Our team doesn’t just launch a viral marketing campaign; it manages your entire brand life cycle and every aspect of your message.

Baiting links and viral buzz with articles, blog and forum postings and video graphics.

Rich content creation with quizzes and interactive infographics.

Web applications and interactive widgets
Promotion, web analytics and buzz reporting.

Our viral marketing promotions are best characterized by three key performance metrics:

Brand Awareness– Viral campaigns provide lots of exposure and build brand awareness and recognition of your company and its web property. Many major companies monitor social media communities to track emerging trends publicized on website and in products or service press releases.

Traffic volume – The average successful viral campaign generates anywhere from 30,000 to 100,000 visitors to your content in a 24 hour period. Additional traffic will follow over a 2 week period. This projected range is based on your success across one or more social network communities.

Traffic volume is an indicator of campaign strength. The traffic that flows from for example can have ripple effects on Delicious popular pages, Reddit, and StumbleUpon.

A small trickle can, with the help of 10Tier, lead to a flood of traffic.

Links – Once a campaign is underway, links bolster higher organic search rankings and drive more traffic to a website.

Leading content providers such as top bloggers, webmasters, and copywriters scan the front pages of Digg, Reddit, and other social network communities to find what is, according to crowdwisdom, the most popular and relevant content on the Web.

10Tier helps you put your brand name, not only on the top of a search engine results page but in front of the massive userbase of these online portals.

Search Engine Optimization
The reality is that top organic search placements drive more traffic, convert better, and yield a higher return on investment.

The position of a link associated with your product, services, or brand at the top of the search engine results can create entirely new revenue streams for your business.

These placements in engine such as Google Yahoo and Bing are based on the natural relevance of your website or web documents in relation to keywords in the searchers query.

Advertisers are willing to pay a premium for top placement in search engines via the pay per click model in order to attract a visitor’s attention.

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) team uses a carefully-crafted combination of tactics to communicate your brand’s quality and relevance the major search engines.

We increase your online exposure and traffic through proven techniques like:

Strategic keyword placement and optimized content creation
Link building
Viral marketing
Public relations campaigns and blogger outreach

Business Development and Optimization

Competitive Intelligence

10TIER collects online competitive intelligence by evaluating major competitors.

Many industry-recognized and proprietary measures are applied to accurately determine the position of your company and brand among your competitors and in your industry.

A major part of strategic development is collection of current search data.

Methodical research is the base on which 10Tier will build a reliable marketing strategy for your business.

Competitive Keyword Research
Identification of ranking and non-ranking competitor keywords.
Comparative analysis of your selected keywords in relation to competitor choices.
Sorting competitor keyword levels to facilitate selection, ranking strategy and conversion rate.

Competitive Link Research and Analysis
Comparative analysis linkages to determine link competition including measurements such as total back links, special back links, deep link ratio, and other industry-recognized and proprietary metrics.

Online PR
Public Relations can generate buzz or mentions of your company, but our Online PR Services integrate SEO, linking and blogger outreach strategies into your PR campaign to complement your traditional PR with search optimization and social media.

Not only is an effective press release good for your brand image, but it’s necessary for keeping a strong online reputation as well. We specialize in:

Press release strategies
Press release optimization
Press release syndication has the channels and strong relationships with press release distributors, hundreds of bloggers and community organizations and Pennysavers.

If you combine this with the extensive background in search engine optimization that our writers have, you have powerhouse press releases that are appealing, informative, and sure to get quick exposure.

No matter if you work on growing your business or pay a company like ours to do so for you, business development needs to be a continuous focus for company.

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