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Make Money Leasing Keyword Rich Domain Names

Make Money Leasing Keyword Rich Domain Names

Leasing Keyword Rich Domain Names

If your looking for a great way to make money online then leasing keyword rich domain names may be just what your looking for. There are two primary ways to lease domain names that are keyword rich.

The first is to hand register domain names that contain valuable keywords in the name (hence keyword rich), one example would be, and then try and lease the domain to a company that would benefit from it. Or you can develop the domain name into a 1st page ranking website and then try and lease the domain name.

In both cases leasing the domain names can provide you with a way to make great residual income online, but which option you choose really depends on your ability to ‘sell’ the lease opportunity in the first place.

Seasoned sales professionals, domainers, and online marketing experts will have much easier of a time taking an undeveloped domain name and leasing the future potential of the domain to someone who can benefit from its value.

Leasing keyword rich undeveloped domain names can provide a great way for you to make money online fast. You would just register dozens of domain names within an industry you understand or find easy to market within and target businesses and entrepreneurs that can benefit from the lease opportunity.

Leasing Service Related Domain Names

We find service related domain names to be the most easiest to lease to local companies, especially when they target a local area. An example we be the domain we listed above,

Leasing Keyword Rich Domain NamesThis domain name targets the local NYC area, and focuses on the plumbing service industry. In NYC there are many plumbing companies competing with each other, and if you can rank a domain name like this onto the front page of Google you can monetize the domain.

Sometimes we lease the developed and ranked domain name, sometimes we take part in lead generation and affiliate opportunities to make money online with the domain. Either way this online asset is used to compound our residual income earnings.

Leasing keyword rich domains has allowed us to make money online and invest this money into buying more domain names, expanding our company, and creating additional profit models.

For anyone looking for online income opportunity ideas we hope this will spark some ideas for you on what industries you can serve in your local market by developing and leasing domain names. Our web design company can help you develop websites that provide value to you, or clients you serve!

Leasing keyword rich domain names is an amazing way to generate residual income online. If you want to get more free information on developing domain names, leasing them to local companies, and making money online then send us an email or sign up to our free newsletter.

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