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44000 Percent ROI

44000 Percent ROI

44000 Percent Return On Investment

Yes you read that correctly! 44000 Percent ROI. Selling and leasing domain names can produce some of the largest return on investment you can ever have the opportunity to experience. Where else could you ever receive 44 thousand, 150 thousand, and even a million plus percent Return On Investment?

And there are domainers, domain developers, and Internet marketers doing this all day long!

Here is one example of a 9,900 Return On Investment on the domain name

I had hand registered the domain name at Godaddy in 2009 for under $9 dollars (but we will use $9 as the purchase price).

I sold the domain name in 2015 before I paid the renewal fee; so my total investment was $40. I sold the domain name through Godaddy for $4000 dollars, and the buyer paid all fees.

My profit was $3960 dollars which is a 9900 percent Return On Investment! Where on earth can you experience these types of ROI. Even greater of a question, where else could you experience these types of ROI’s on a consistent basis as we can with domain names?

Even though this is an amazing ROI it is nothing compared to the ROI’s I’m experiencing leasing domain names. You can learn more about calculating ROI here.

44000 Percent ROI+ Leasing Domain Names

44000 Percent ROILeasing domain names to local businesses has produced insane ROI consistently year after year. ( You can learn more about leasing domain names on our site As an example many of the domain names that I own are local NYC service related domains, like, and other construction, tree service, and landscaping domains. These domains have been leased to local businesses in excess of $750 dollars per month. Some of the lease deals include 3 or 4 domains.

With the domain name was sold for almost a 10k ROI, however with many clients I am leasing domain names and experiencing 44k ROI per year! At we have clients leasing domain names from us at a $1000 dollars per month, 12k per year. That’s almost 144,000 thousand percent return on investment!

Now some of these clients are leasing a bundle of domain names (15) which brings our yearly cost to $135 dollars or so, but still since these were originally hand registered domain names the ROI is still amazing. As amazing as these returns may seem, there are other domainers out there leasing domain names for thousands (or more) a month! It is important to understand that ANYONE can make great residual income online buying domain names and then leasing them to others.

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