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NYC Business Opportunity

NYC Business Opportunity

NYC Business Opportunities

Are you looking for a great NYC business opportunity? is looking for entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and those looking for a NYC business opportunity to join our team. We have been providing web design, development, and marketing services since 2004 and our company has been quickly growing ever since. There are 4 business opportunities available currently with our company.

1.) Opportunity to work full time with our company
2.) Opportunity to contract with our company
3.) Opportunity to refer our services and make residual income based on our 10 Tier referral commission structure as a referring customer
4.) Opportunity to join our affiliate program an earn money

Here is more info on each one of the NYC business opportunities available with

Business Opportunities in NYC

Direct Employment

Working directly for as a full time paid employee. We currently have a need for the best of the best SEO experts, WordPress developers, Social Media Marketers, and Video Producers. We select the best in each field; go getters, self motivated, results driven, and most importantly naturally great people. Those that want to create massive value in the services they provide and want to personally become the best person they can.

If this doesn’t sound like you please don’t bother applying.

Contract Engagement

We work with many independent contractors on project by project basis all over the world; literally. Our company has NYC business opportunities that we at times need to bring on super talented help to deliver exceptional results for those we serve. You need to be budget and deadline oriented as we have zero tolerance for excuses or those who don’t deliver on the promises they make. You are also super talented in your field and know it.

If you are an independent contractor or a small team of web developers, SEO experts, video producers, and online marketing wizards that look for new and exciting NYC business opportunities then we want to hear from you.

Affiliate Program

You can take advantage of our generous affiliate program and begin promoting our services & products like our popular online business system. This is great for seasoned affiliate marketers who are looking to add additional income streams to their online earnings.

Customer Referral Program

The Customer Referral Program may be the greatest NYC business opportunity ever available to you. Here is why. Our Customer Referral Program ( CRP ) is free to take part in for every one of our customers and it allows you to make some serious residual income every time you refer our services to others. But that is just the start of it.

Our CRP is based on a 10 Tier payment system which means that you not only earn residual income on all of the referrals you make, you make residual income on EVERY referral made by everyone you referred as well. And you continue to earn on all referrals in your ‘downline’ to the 10th level (10th tier). All referrals are tracked by our referral tracking system which you have full access to and can review at any time.

To better understand this great NYC business opportunity here is an ‘example’ of the potential to earn with our free 10 tier referral program:

Affiliate marketing programs

This is an example model and not a guarantee of actual earnings as how much you earn is totally dependent on the amount of referrals you make, and how many referrals those you have referred make.

But as you can see this is an amazing business opportunity and only 1 of the ways you can some serious residual income with

If you want to learn more about any of the above business opportunities please send us an email or give us a call. This is an exciting time and we are looking to work with the best of the best, and also provide amazing earning opportunities for those that refer our services.

Get started with the greatest NYC Business Opportunity ever!

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