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Pinterest Tips for Small Businesses

Pinterest Tips for Small Businesses

Pinterest Tips for Small Businesses

Marketing was already very challenging for most businesses in normal times, however with global lock-downs this ‘new normal’ is uncharted waters for most. But with challenging times businesses need to learn new digital marketing strategies, if they wish to keep their doors open, and that’s why we’re sharing these Pinterest Tips for Small Businesses!

You see with these challenging times, Pinterest usage is at a near all-time high. As with all social media, people started searching for home workout videos, bread recipes, and other indoor activities. Pinterest users also search for everything thing else that interests them, and this gives business owners a great opportunity to make new connections!

Pinterest Tips for Small Businesses

Yes, this is an unprecedented time, but you can also think of this as a possibility to market your product even more.

But how are you going to do it? Here are some tips.

Adapt your marketing messaging

Do an audit of your marketing content and check whether these are still appropriate for the times. Tweak some of your content or create a whole new material.

In this situation, you have to make sure that the customers will not view your brand as insensitive or opportunistic. Think of content and a message that would sit well to the situation and your clients’ changed behavior.

For Pinterest messaging tips, you can check this guide.

Continue to use analytics

If analytics were helpful during the “normal” times, it is more useful now. Pinterest Analytics can help you understand the changes in your audiences’ behavior and use it as a basis for your marketing strategy’s shift or alterations.

For instance, parents are currently trying to balance a lot of things – housework, household chores, children’s schooling needs, and home-cooked meals. Pinner parents will seek new recipes since they will need to cook more meals at home now.

They can also search for home office set-up since they already work from home. And they also look for different activities for children to keep them engaged. If your business engages in any of those, well, it’s time to up your game.

Make your pins stand out

How? Follow the best and guaranteed pinner’s practices to make sure your content stands out.

For standard pins, you can start by picking an eye-catching image. A 2:3 aspect ratio is recommended. Then focus on your brand and give context to your nail. And of course, don’t forget your logo.

For video pins, go with a power start so it can be catchier to your target audience. Make sure to be visual, and don’t rely entirely on your audio. Go for a sharp cover image, too. And for the video length? It’s recommended to have a 6-15 seconds video.

To know more, you can visit this site.

Be more organic

By this, we mean try to improve your organic reach. Being in this pandemic doesn’t mean you will go back to square one. Combine what you already know about marketing, consider the insights you got from Pinterest Analytics, and go on as you used to do it before.

Brush up your Pinterest Skills

Pinterest Academy is a free e-learning tool that can help you out. It has lessons and tips that can help you handle your pins better. Dedicate some time to learn more about it so you can improve your Pinterest marketing skills.

We understand that a lot is uncertain right now, but a successful business mindset will always lean towards making this challenge into an opportunity to be more successful.

Pinterest Tips for Small Businesses

We hope that in this post Pinterest Tips for Small Businesses you found some new ideas to improve your social media marketing strategy!

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