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7 Instagram Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

7 Instagram Marketing Tips

7 Instagram Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

As an entrepreneur in 2020, marketing in real-life pales compared to using the internet and social benefit. With billions of people having access to the internet social media broadens the scale and makes you visible worldwide. Here are 7 Instagram Marketing Tips for Small Businesses!

One of the most famous social media platforms is Instagram. With over a billion people using the app, this is the perfect place to start up or boost your business through marketing. The image-sharing platform is well known for its strong focus on the visual aspect and upbeat nature.

However, if you want to gain publicity and marketing on Instagram properly, you’re going to want to listen to us. Here are seven tips to make your small business noticed on Instagram!

7 Instagram Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

You don’t have to spend millions of dollars on promoting your business in one city as you get more publicity on social media now more than ever! So here are the 7 Instagram Marketing Tips for Small Businesses.

Start-up A Business Account

When starting up an Instagram account, you’re prompted to choose between a personal or a business account. As the name implies, the latter makes your account more suited for business. This makes your account easier for your followers to contact, and it lets you link your Facebook page on it too.

Having a business account also enables you to run paid advertisements to reach more people and view your analytics to see how many people see your content and statistics.

As a small business, taking advantage of a business account’s perks lets you strategize and establish brand presence easier.

Establish an Aesthetic

When creating your business account, the aesthetic matters just as much as the content you’re putting out. The aesthetic or the “look” of your Instagram profile help your audience associate individual pallets based on your profile design.

It doesn’t just make your profile look attractive it’s also part of your branding. Choosing specific colors, fonts, and even a theme will make your profile pop-out more.

Your bio is a part of your aesthetic. Instagram gives you 150 characters to tell your audience about you and your business. These characters can include hashtags, and you can link your website in it as well. Use this s[ace wisely!

The Importance of Instagram Stories

Instagram lets you pose images or 15-second clips on your Instagram story. Stories are versatile and show up on the top of your follower’s feed, making it seen more often. Different kinds of features make stories stand out a lot more!

Posting stories instead of spam posting won’t clutter your follower’s feed and gives you more leeway to post behind the scenes videos or images.

Videos Galore

Just because Instagram is mainly a platform for images doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t post videos! Instagram allows its users to post 1-minute videos on their feeds, 15-seconds on their stories, and 10-minute videos on IGTV! Don’t be shy, and videos are a great tool to gain publicity.

Engagement and Interaction

Actively interact with your followers. Commenting and liking their post will make them know that you’re not just there to use them for business! Aside from that, you can actively engage with them through posts that ask them questions or ask them to tag a friend.

You can also let them interact through Q&As on your story or even quizzes to make them interact with your content more!

Post at Peak Hours

More traffic means that there’s a higher chance of you popping up in people’s feed. Capitalizing on peak hours seems like a no-brainer if you want to boost your brand publicity. This differs based on where you are in the world, though, so keep in mind both the geographics and demographics of your business.

Paid Ads

Despite all the effort that you put in above, none of that would boost your popularity if you don’t have a steady following in the first place. A way for you to gain a decent amount of public traction when your account is still new is through paid ads. A little goes a long way when it comes to advertisements, and it allows you to target specific audiences as well!

7 Instagram Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

These Instagram tips can help you begin to grow followers, peak the interest of others and boost your small business! This is an excellent marketing investment for small businesses compared to spending thousands of dollars on paid real-life ads that might just be ignored by people.

If you’re looking for the best Social Media Marketing Agency to help you create or grow your Instagram account reach out to us now!

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