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8 Effective Ways to Grow Your Instagram Followers

8 Effective Ways to Grow Your Instagram Followers

8 Effective Ways to Grow Your Instagram Followers

Growing followers on Instagram is an aim every business strives for. The more people following you, the more people who will know about your product and services. This is why we put together these 8 Effective Ways to Grow Your Instagram Followers!

After all, who doesn’t want to be Instafamous, right?

8 Effective Ways to Grow Your Instagram Followers

If you’re tight on budget or just want to explore growing your IG followers without breaking the bank, we got some tips for you on how to grow your following:

1. Use long videos

Instagram wants you to post long videos via IGTV, IG will push your video more. This is because Instagram is not just competing with other social media networks; they are also competing with traditional media and even Netflix just to get your attention. And since we’re talking not just about 60 – second video, we’re talking about minutes. The key here is to make your video engaging so your followers will continue watching it to IGTV ( and Instagram wants that because they want to bring people to their IGTV feature).

So, when you upload a video to IGTV, click on “post a preview” option, and your video will be uploaded not just to IGTV, but it will also be promoted to your feed.

2. Ask, and you will receive

Do you want some likes? Go ask for it! Yes, from time to time, you can ask your followers to like your image or video. This can increase your engagement.

Why don’t you give it a try? Just remember not to do it often. It would be best to use this strategy just a few times per month because your followers might get tired or annoyed of you always asking for a double-tap.

3. Go live

We’ve mentioned earlier that Instagram competes with traditional media and Netflix and that they boost videos on their IGTV platform. This tells us that IG indeed prefers video content – and there’s another way to give it to them, to go live!

Ever wonder why reality TV shows like American Idol or live streaming of your favorite football game or beauty pageant are streamed real-time? The answer is simple because people want it. The same applies to IG Live. When you go live, IG is promoting it heavily because they want more people to go live.

Also, your number of viewers can increase within the 24 hours that your live video will be available.

So, to grow your IG following, use IG video on a weekly basis.

4. Be more social

Instagram is not a “social” media account for nothing. You keep asking your followers to engage with you, but you don’t engage with them. This just furthers the gap between you and them.

If you want to maximize your connection with them, take time to respond to some (if not most) of your people commenting on your post. This will help you build a connection with them. And this can draw people to you more because it’s also like sending out a message that you’re not like any other “celebrity” out there who’s on his/her ivory tower and cannot be reached.

5. The heart trick

If you haven’t heard about the heart trick yet, then here’s how to do it. First, get some people with a large following to like your post within the first hour that is posted. Then I asked them to like anything else within the next hour because it can disrupt IG’s algorithm. If they are feeling extra generous, you can ask them to leave a comment as well.

The heart trick isn’t that complicated, but the catch here is that you’ll need at least 6 IG users with a huge following to maximize this strategy.

6. Make use of IG Stories.

Make your presence be felt consistently by your followers. You can post “tons” of stories per day. And by tons, it can be more than 20 stories. Here are some quick tips on how to maximize this IG feature.

  • Spread your story all throughout the day. This will allow people to keep coming back to your profile. Also, IG stories are located on the upper portion of its interface, so people following you will surely be notified.
  • Use both images and videos. As mentioned earlier, videos can be more engaging. You can use IG stories to provide real-time updates as well. It’s less mediated, so yet to show a certain part of your business that’s not too formal. Have fun.
  • You can add a poll to your stories to boost your engagement.

7. Check the quality of your posts.

Go through IG feed and see which posts are liked more; for example, you are using different templates for quotations, check the likes of each template, and see which one gains more attention.

8. Don’t stop testing.

Keep exploring the platform because it also evolves fast. If there are new features, experiment on them so you would know how to maximize its use to your benefit.

Some of the basic things that emerged through testing IG are the following:

  • Keep things simple. Simple images are easy to understand.
  • Use bright colors
  • Do something new per week to keep your follower’s interest.
  • Be more of yourself. People want to know the people behind every post, so use this platform to humanize your business.
  • Use IG analytics to learn more about your followers’ behavior and use it as a basis of your strategy.

8 Effective Ways to Grow Your Instagram Followers

By following the tips above, you will be able to grow your IG following. Growing your following would mean more engagement that you can turn into conversions.

Your main takeaway here is to continue exploring and use the data on this exploration as your guide on how to better market your product on Instagram. Use analytics of the platform because a strategy backed with data has always been a good combination for success.

If you want to learn more about our Social Media Marketing Agency, or the Social Media Marketing services we provide that an help you grow your followers on Instagram, reach out to us now!

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