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How to Increase Facebook Organic Reach without Ads

How to Increase Facebook Organic Reach without Ads

How to Increase Facebook Organic Reach without Ads

In the world of marketing, nothing is better than having an online reach, and this is why we want to share How to Increase Facebook Organic Reach without Ads! Spreading your influence online allows you to garner the attention of a lot more people than marketing through billboards and signs put in the real world. Have we mentioned that it’s also a lot cheaper as well?

And when it comes to online marketing, there’s no place better than the social media site Facebook! With over a billion registered users and millions of people using it every day, this platform is perfect if you want to reach a load of people and grow your band.

How to Increase Facebook Organic Reach without Ads

However, not all businesses can spend money on sponsored ads all the time and ads tend to be unpredictable at times as well. So here’s how you can increase the organic reach of your business page to help with increasing your brand awareness!

What is Organic Reach?

Your business page’s organic reach is basically the number of people who stumble into and get shown the content that you post. This is without ads or without any form of paid sponsorships that you may get if you spend money.

With billions of content being posted every day, increasing and let alone getting any form of stable organic reach can be quite difficult. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible! Here are some things that can potentially increase your organic reach.

Manually Operating Your Page

Facebook is called a social media platform for a reason. Everything about your page including your posts or your graphics has to have a human touch added into them. Being cold and unfeeling when you post about quotes or statistics about your products will only harm your organic reach!

Don’t just post blog posts and images of your products either. Post images of the team that you’re working with or go wild with creating graphics!

Build An Online Presence

Having a presence doesn’t just mean having a load of likes on your page. Having a presence means that you give out good content that can prompt your fans and followers into action! The point of trying to grow as a brand is so that you get engagement from the people that use your product so that you can encourage other people to do so.

So build up a persona, have a target demographic in mind, and make sure that your campaigns and such are targeted to the right individuals! You can check out our Facebook business page for some ideas!

Creating Timeless Content

Making content that transcends the test of time is the goal of any page and business. How fresh and original your post is are part of what makes your content timeless but so does the relatability of your post as well.

The more timeless or evergreen your content is, the more interactions and engagement it’s going to get!

Strategic Posting

You don’t want to post when bigger companies are scheduled to post. Stalk your competitors and see if there’s a pattern in the times that they post in and try to avoid posting at the same time as them! 1-3 pm is basically rush hour as well so you have to capitalize on those 3 hours of exposure.

To Link Or Not To Link

Linking blog posts or products can be both a blessing or a curse depending on what your flowers think. Try to test the waters and see if adding a link on your posts affects how your followers engage with it and adjust based on what you find.

The Power Of Polls

Polls are an important asset if you want to cater to your audience. You can ask for a lot of things including what type of content you should post or what type of content they’d want to see next. People love it when they feel like they’re a part of something!

Video Content

Try to put out as much good quality video content as possible. It should be able to stand alone without the audio being turned on and it should also capture the eye of the viewers! Video content is a great way to garner attention.

Post Frequency

When it comes to posting content, a lot of people think that more is good. However, that’s not always the case! To avoid seeming spammy, try to limit your post frequency to once or twice a day.

Be Unique

Being a flower in a sea of weed has its perks. Try to find what makes you unique and use that as a way to differentiate yourself from the others! Trying to imitate what others already have won’t really do you any good.

Focus On Quality Content

Being fixated on how to game Facebook’s algorithm will get you nowhere. Although it sounds great to have increased organic value instantly, that’s not always going to happen. Growth can be spontaneous or constant but regardless of what you achieve, it’s still growth!

Focus on the content you give instead of trying to garner thousands of likes and you’ll be on the right track!

How to Increase Facebook Organic Reach without Ads

How to Increase Facebook Organic Reach without AdsMany businesses don’t have time to manage their own SMM, so they reach out to a Social Media Marketing Agency like our’s to provide Social Media Marketing services that can help them quickly grow there business online! But remember, you can’t definitely do it yourself if you dedicate the time needed!

We hope How to Increase Facebook Organic Reach without Ads helped give you some new ideas on how to leverage Social Media to grow your business!

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