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Customer Referral Program

Customer Referral Program

Best Online Referral Program

Have you been looking for the best online income opportunity? We would like to introduce you to the FREE Customer Referral Program that pays our customers on a 10 Tier commission structure! Many online income opportunities are scams that take your money, get you to feed the system money from those you bring in, and then shut down leaving everyone screwed! We have a better option for anyone looking for a great way to build long term residual income.

It is our FREE 10 Tier Residual Income Referral Program.

Every customer of is able to take part in our free customer referral program. Every time a customer refers our service we pay you a referral fee at the time of the sale, and residual income for as long as the client stays a customer of ours. But what’s even more important is that if that customer you referred also refers others to any of our services, they make an upfront commission, and residual income on their referral, and you also make money on all referrals they make!

Let me say that again. Not only do you make residual income on every referral you make, but you also make residual income on every referral made by those that you referred make!

And because our customer referral program is based on a 10 Tier payment system you will continue to build tremendous residual income on every person you’ve referred, in your ‘referral tree’, to the 10th level! This may seem insane, and it is. This is the greatest free online income opportunity you will ever have a chance to get involved with…and we are an established company, in business for since 2004, so we aren’t going anywhere.

Making money online

If you are looking to make money online but have no idea where to start then we invite you to at least learn more about our free online income opportunity; our customer referral program. If you do not know what a multi tier income opportunity is then you really need to pay attention to the information that will follow.

A multi tier income opportunity is a system that pays you for all referrals made directly by yourself, and also by everyone in your ‘referral tree’ ( also known as your downline).

Let me explain.

Let’s say that you are a customer of, maybe you are hosting your website with us, and a friend of yours is also looking to get a website designed for their newly formed business. You tell your friend about us, and send them your customer referral link, and they sign up. Once they sign-up and make the payment for their website you immediately earn a commission on the sale.

But it gets better.

A month goes by and your friend has their website online. They are more than happy because they got a beautifully designed website for their business, so naturally when a family member or a friend needs a website, they also refer us. When this new referral is made, they make an upfront commission (1st tier commission) and then YOU make a commission (2nd tier commission) on the referral. Now you had nothing to do with the referral, yet you will earned a commission from that referral!

But that is just the tip of the iceberg.

The example above demonstrates how you earn commission from a referral made by someone who had referred. But if that person referred by the person you referred also makes a referral, the earnings for you continue to add up! I know it is hard to visualize this, so for illustration purposes only I will include a commission diagram below to show you how this residual payment systems works based on our 10 Tier payment system. And to make it more specific we will use one of the services we provide, and outline the actually commission we pay for each referral made.

1 Site Ad Promo - Customer Referral Program Comp Plan

The above diagram displays the residual income we would pay you if you referred our yearly advertising package, and then those in your ‘referral tree’ eventually did the same. Now this is just one low cost, highly sought after service we provide to businesses. You could also refer our web design, SEO, content marketing, video production, and even our website hosting packages and make additional residual income off of every one of those referrals as well!

The above diagram is just ONE payment model for ONE service we offer.

Customer Referral Program

We are not looking to sell our customer referral program, we want our current customers to profit from all of the referrals they have been sending to us in appreciation for the VALUE we provide them! Our customers have helped build this company to where it is today, and we want to give back. Our 10 Tier residual income referral program is one of the greatest free online income opportunities ever to be launched, and we want to help as many people as we can build the lifestyle they have always dreamed of.

If you live in the New York City area and want to meet us at one of our monthly meetups then please feel free to email us, or call us now.

Our customer referral program will become one of the greatest residual income opportunities ever launched online and we want YOU to be part of it! If you are not currently a customer then we invite you to join our community now. Even if you don’t have a business, we can help you start and grow an online business that will continue to provide you with life long residual, and even passive income.

Contact us today to learn more. We are looking for local entrepreneurs, digital marketing experts, and those looking to work from home to join our team!

If you cannot afford any of our services or training programs but still want to ‘earn with us’ then please check out our FREE affiliate program!

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