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Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Marketing Strategies

Are you a Real Estate Agent looking for real estate marketing strategies that work? This post offers some marketing must-haves if you are a real estate agent; but every business can benefit from the topics discussed below.

It is important to understand which marketing efforts you can do inhouse, and when to seek the help of marketing professionals. The results a great real estate marketing company can provide will be worth the investment.

Real Estate Marketing Content Strategy

What is grabbing your customers attention? What information do they seek, and what sites and information keeps them repeat visitors or subscribers to your content? Knowing what contnt to create is critical to engaging those who read it and getting them to respond in a favorable way to your content.

Having someone on your team who can create the content your business needs is very important, or finding a company that can assist you is another great option. Content is still king!

Email Newsletter System

Whether you are just starting out or have been in the business for years, an email newsletter system should be part of your prospecting efforts. Using full color enewsletters will capture the interest of your clients, both young and old with a variety of interesting and innovative articles and housing news. Setting up an email newsletter system is not hard, and it is extremely cost effective.

Every Real Estate Agent should be using their very own email newsletter system.

Search Engine Marketing

It’s no surprise that consumers use search engines these days to find properties to buy and the agents to sell their homes. The days of pulling out the yellow pages or the local circular to find a good agent are gone.

Understanding this is important to allow you to cut the cord and stop wasting time and money. People go online to search for real estate, and people will find you if you understand search engine marketing and real estate seo. Real Estate SEO is search engine optimization that focuses on real estate keywords, real estate search terms, and understands the search engine marketing strategies to help you standout amongst the 100’s of thousands of other real estate agents.

Social Media Marketing

Real Estate Agents can greatly gain traction and build their list, and get leads through social media marketing efforts. Best of all social media marketing does not have to cost you anything! If you do not have the money to hire social media experts then just get started. The sooner you begin to create accounts oN sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and other top social networks the quicker you will learn how to use these sites to your benefit.

Google Pages

Google is the top search engine, period. Every Rel Estate Agent MUST have a Google Places Page, a Google+ profile, and even get into Google Authorship. Being active on Google is a great way to increase your exposure online.

There are many marketing strategies revolving entirely around Google and the list of services Google offers. It would be wise to start learning now! If you don’t have the time then seek out a company ( like ours 🙂 ) that understands Google and how to put their services to use for your business.

Online Classified Websites

One of the best ways a Real Estate Agent can promote their business and get their listings infront of buyers are on sites like Craigslist and online Pennysavers.

These sites have been around for a longtime and sites like Craigslist are amongst the top resources for Real Estate Agents. Pennysavers online are a great resource not just for their loyal followers, but for the ability to post search engine optimized listings that will rank well with the search engines.

Both offer great lead generation potential as well.

This post focused on a short list of the many great marketing strategies Real Estate Agents can utilize to sell more homes, generate more leads, and position themselves as leaders in this highly competitive industry.

If you would like to speak with a real estate marketing expert to discuss the services we provide and allow us to develop an online marketing strategy to boost your traffic and rankings please give us a call today, or use the contact us page to send us an email. Real Estate Marketing Services by, the #1 Real Estate Marketing Company. Let us help you sell more houses, faster then other agents!

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