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Local SEO Strategies

Local SEO Strategies

Local SEO Strategies

Many local businesses in NYC look for the latest local SEO strategies to get found when people are searching for the products or services they provide, and understanding local SEO strategies can help. Local SEO – Search Engine Optimization that works to help you get found ‘locally’ is one of the most important factors for any business. You need to capitalize on all of the local searches that customers in your area are making and make sure you have an established presence!

One of the most important things to do for local SEO is get your business listed on services like Yelp, YP, SuperPages, eLocal, and the Pennysavers. You might of heard it called a citation; a citation is any place online that uses your company NAP (name, address, phone number) all on the same page, in the same format as your local listing. These business directories can be the fastest way to get your business listing to the top of the search engines, and since many of these sites now have a partnership with Yahoo and Bing, search results come straight from their sites!

Find Local SEO Strategies that can help you grow your business online. Local SEO Experts can help you dominate your local search market.

Local SEO

Since Google is King one of the best ways to work on building your local search rankings is to create a Google business page – Google Places Listing. It is also very important to get positive reviews, which definitely hlps with rankings, so ask your customers to review your business.

Make sure that you tie in all of your social profiles with your website, and make sure your website is well optimized. Your on-site SEO should be on point!

If you are not sure what keywords to use and optimize around you should really find an SEO company to help. Basically you will be joining the terms ofyour product or service with the locations you serve. So lets say you are NYC based marketing firm, you would use keywords like NYC Marketing Firm, NYC Marketing Company, Manhattan Marketing Company, etc…

For each product or service you provide you would do the same thing. Then after you compilied your list of keywords and search terms you would begin creating content that utilizes them, in a way that is informative and hepful to those that read the content. Do not do it simply for SEO purposes, and definitely do not ‘stuff’ your content wth keywords as you surely will get penalized.

And still very important is to avoid negative ranking factors which could kill your local search results. As we mentioned already, keyword stuffing is a big no no, but things like not having your business name, address and phone listed on your website could also hurt you, as could having this information inconsistent across the big business directories.

Local SEO and keeping your business ranked well is a job that requires much attention and should not be ‘trusted’ to just anyone. This is your business at stake, and either you need to learn all about SEO or someone who is an Local SEO expert should take on this task for you.

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