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What is Affiliate Marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing has become a way millions of people earn a living both on and offline. 10Tier has created one of the most dynamic residual income opportunities available online today. We have created multiple streams of income all based on a 10 tier payment system.

A simple overview of affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing is hosting links, banners, and product information on a website or blog and then getting paid a flat fee or percentage of a sale whenever visitors click through on these links and make a purchase. In essence, affiliate marketing is selling products or services offered by others and then getting paid for each sale.

Affiliate Marketing Growth

In just a short time, the growth and popularity of affiliate marketing has exploded so that it is now a significant force in selling products and services on the web. Thousands of affiliate marketing programs are available that can blend with almost any sort of web content you might imagine and numerous eager entrepreneurs have built their business model on affiliate marketing success.

Making Money with Affiliate Marketing
While not everyone succeeds in making significant amounts of money with affiliate marketing, those who are very knowledgeable do, and it has allowed them to grow their online businesses into significant money makers with essentially no customers in the traditional sense of the word in a marketplace that is never closed.

Pronunciation: a-phil-ee-ut mar-kut-ing
Also Known As: affiliate network, affiliate programs
Common Misspellings: afilliate marketing, aphiliate marketing, affilaite marketing

Those who have experienced great success with affiliate marketing recommend taking out pay per click search engine ads that can bring targeted traffic to their website by get attention when a searcher is looking for the specific product or service that’s being marketed through an affiliate marketing program.

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