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10 Essential Tools to Help Small Businesses Grow

10 Essential Tools to Help Small Businesses Grow

10 Essential Tools to Help Small Businesses Grow

As small and medium businesses are at risk more than ever with closing their doors for good, in this guide: 10 Essential Tools to Help Small Businesses Grow, we hope you will find a gem here, and it will help your business keep pushing forward!


You see, some businesses have already raised the white flag, but many continue to fight to keep their business, and for some life savings, alive.


Many business owners don’t have the cash-flow to buy high priced marketing tools at this time, so making use of low cost (or free) tools can be of great help. But choosing the right tools is also instrumental for your business’ survival because some tools can do more harm than good. Choosing wisely can be a make or break for a struggling business, and that is why we put together this for YOU.


According to Forbes, these three terms will be crucial on what lies ahead for SMEs: Disruption, Automation and Data Analytics. So, we’ve rounded up some business tools that can help you during this time of need. So without further delay, here are the…


10 Essential Tools to Help Small Businesses Grow

Google Analytics for Small Businesses


Having insider information about how your clients think and act is golden, but you need to learn the ropes on how to take advantage of it. Google Analytics can give you intense and qualified data which includes reports, trends, performance statistics and live stats – important information you need for some sound business decisions.


Google Analytics allows you to keep tabs of your goals, gain insight about your visitors and generate reports. It also gives you the data you need when it comes to how your campaign performed.


Hotjar Client Analysis

If you want a peel of your clientele’s behavior, then Hotjar is the tool to use for that. It offers you a better understanding of what your visitors’ do on your website and helps you transform this information in crafting a proper marketing plan.


With the information if offers such as heat maps and user behavior, you can change your user interface and increase your chance of closing a sale.


Hotjar helps you identify areas where your website visitors linger, and it provides the science behind the changes you need to make.


Canva for Design


Need some help with your graphics? Canva have you covered. It has a gallery of pre-formatted templates that you can use for your marketing materials such as flyers, promotional posts on social media, blog graphic, and so much more!


You might not have a professional graphic designer, but with Canva, you will surely make up for it. You need some creative bone and a meticulous eye to make those head-turning visuals that can attract attention to your business.


Again, Canva has a lot of stock images, illustration, fonts and custom templates. It also is an uncomplicated edit with the drag-and-drop editor feature.


ProProfs Help Desk


Now, if we are looking at customer service, ProProfs Help Desk is the one to use it. It allows your team to collaborate via shared inboxes that can help them resolve your clients’ concerns faster.


The faster client’s issues are resolved, the more satisfied they become. The more satisfied your clients are, the higher chances of retainment, purchases and loyalty.


Reduce your ticket volume and increase your ROI with this free tool.




We all know Amazon is one of the best platforms to sell your product, but if you don’t know how to navigate it yet, the JungleScout provides you with all the information you need.


With JungleScout, you will be given a step-by-step and intensive guide on how to sell your product on Amazon successfully.


Better come to the battle prepared. With Amazon being a fierce battlefield, you’ll need all the leverage you can get.


Kickstarter for Funding


Are you looking for some funding for your business? Well, start a Kickstarter account now. It is a funding platform that allows you to attract micro-investors and donors so you can start your business venture.


Once your business becomes successful, it will only request for a small funding fee.




Do you think about newsletter content? MailChimp is the tool for that. You can send 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers all for free! Isn’t it amazing? You get to reach that many customers without spending a single penny. It also has complete email transparency and allows you to manage the data well.




Everything You Need to Start Selling Online. Add the WooCommerce plugin to any WordPress site and set up a new store in minutes. Get secure payments, configurable shipping options, and more, out of the box–for FREE.


And if you really want to turbo charge your online store, Woocommerce provides many premium (low cost) plugins that can help you compete with the biggest online retailers!




Want to gain some insights about your social media account? Then Buffer will do the job. This tool is popular among social media managers as it offers analytics, team collaboration and post publishing.


The free plan has limited features but tries to explore their premium account to help you a whole lot more.




Feedback from your clients is precious to your business, and Qualaroo covers that for you. It allows you to gather customer feedback via targeted surveying to give you the information you need.


These tools listed in 10 Essential Tools to Help Small Businesses Grow will help you make some sound decision-making for your business. Learn more about them so you would know how to maximize your gains.

If you don’t have an online business, 2021 is a great time to launch. We can even help you start an online business in 2021 and start the year off right!

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