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Local SEO: How Important Is It To Your Business?

Local SEO: How Important Is It To Your Business?

If you’re looking for facts about Local SEO: How Important Is It To Your Business, keep reading. Local SEO helps businesses gain customers. Local search doesn’t just benefit businesses but it also allows consumers to check products and services near them.

We have to learn and understand clearly what local SEO is. Local SEO or local search engine optimization optimizes your business presence online, especially in Google, Yahoo, Baidu, Bing, and other search engines. Google is the most used search engine with 87%  market shares.


Local SEO: How Important Is It?


Local SEO - 10TierLocal search is filled with strong search terms such as:

  • Doctors near me
  • Lawyers near me
  • SEO Company near me
  • Tree Companies near me

Local search engine optimization helps in promoting local businesses through online marketing, and it optimizes websites so that they could be found in the local search results. Especially to increase your local business listings, and to get found in the Google Map Listings 3 Pack!


Why is local search relevant?


Here is why you need to understand the importance of local search.

Fifty percent of people nowadays spend their time in local searching on their mobile phones, and other gadgets  in just a day.

Sixty percent of adults are doing local searches on their phones and gadgets for product information and other local services available.

Ninety-seven percent of people learn about a local company’s information online.

28 percent of purchases happen after local searching


All these merely explain why local search is very important to a business. Many people check products or places online before going to their physical stores.


Who Benefits from a Local Search?

Lawyers and Law Firms

Local search can benefit lawyers because Google shows call buttons to their offices in local search results of mobile phones. In that way, local SEO will raise your law office on the top of the search results.


In this case, some people don’t want to spend lots of their time going outside and searching for the available doctor in a day. So, they want to see a doctor near them which whom they can have regular check-ups, so they search for doctors near them. A local search result can give out the names of doctors near your area that appear along with their location and phone number.

With local search, people are more comfortable checking if there will be available doctors;  they can also schedule appointments with them directly without wasting any time traveling.


Restaurants also benefit well from a local search because people tend to search for near restaurants and their corresponding reviews. The business will easily be located through its provided location, and it can lessen the amount of time in looking for nearby restaurants.


Important Parts of Local SEO

You must know what the important parts of a local SEO search are because it helps you in pushing your business at the top of the search engine results.  Here are the things you must prioritize in managing your business.


Keyword Search

The keyword helps your business to be found by people, as they use a certain keyword or phrase to search for services or products you may offer. This is why you must find well-searched keywords so that your website or business will have a higher chance of appearing at the top o the search engine results.


Local Links

Local links are one of the strategies used by online entrepreneurs because it is a go-signal to Google that your site is worthy of citation.



Local SEO is helpful, especially if you have businesses. It helps your business gain more customers by just searching on mobile phones and gadgets. Enhancing your site to be capable of local search brings so much more. You will have the chance to help people find important information about their needs.

If you need help implementing effective local search engine optimization for your business contact us for a free SEO strategy session!

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