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Technical SEO Tools To Improve Your Rankings In 2021

Technical SEO Tools

Technical SEO Tools To Improve Your Rankings In 2021

Technical SEO Tools To Improve Your Rankings

SEO services focus on three areas, namely: On-Page SEO Service, Off-Page SEO service, and Technical SEO services. These three are named differently, but they all have one goal― to provide a client of their website a high-quality makeover they never imagined. However, only two of the services are common when it comes to search engine optimization, the on-page, and off-page SEO service. This article will explain how Technical SEO service works and give you examples of Technical SEO tools you never imagined you would need to improve your rankings this 2021.

What Are Technical SEO Tools?

Technical SEO focuses on the technical aspects of improving your website. These tools aim to rank your site higher in search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Moreover, technical SEO, as part of On-Page SEO, creates more exposure for a website through other channels. Technical optimization makes it easier to crawl for Google to access, and makes a website faster and understandable for search engines.


Furthermore, in order to make your website visible and rank higher on the search engine result page, we listed some Technical SEO Tools you’ll need this 2021.


Considered by many as a critical component of modern technical link analysis, Ahrefs analyze your competitors by analyzing why they rank so high. Afterward, the tool will give you recommendations of actions you need to take. Furthermore, Ahrefs allows you to research keywords, backlinks, content, rank tracking, and web monitoring.


ScreamingFrog is the best technical SEO tool to have. With its extensive features and services, ScreamingFrog can help you identify missing page titles, missing meta descriptions, missing meta keywords, large images, errors in canonicals, errored response codes, and errors in URLs.

Website Grader by Hubspot

Website Grader by Hubspot is a free digital tool that creates customized reports in grading the performance, SEO activities, and security of a website. Not only do they provide you with performance data of your website, but they will also offer you simple steps on how to get your site better if you lack in a particular area.


Google Search Console

The primary technical SEO tool that any website should use is the Google Search Console. Why? This is mainly because this search console is linked to Google, making it easier to improve online search engine rankings and performance. Not only does it have an advantage in Google, but it also allows you to get a notification if there is a problem on your website. Furthermore, the search console automatically detects the problem provides solutions that you can do.

Moz Pro

Moz Pro is a useful technical SEO audit tool. Moz Pro offers strategies on tracking your rankings, understanding your visitors, and optimizing your pages with maximum potential by auditing your website.


SEMrush became a valuable tool due to its efficient competitor data analysis. If you go deeper into a competitor analysis, the rankings and market analysis data can be surprising information. You can use these insights to make a better SEO strategy and gain over your competitors.

Google Webmaster Tools

Webmaster Tools is a proficient tool in analyzing your website and detecting 404 errors or pages that website visitors may fail to see. In simpler terms, this tool ensures that none of your site’s content or pages are blocked from search engines.Moreover, it allows you to see if the sitemap of your website is error-free.

Google’s PageSpeed Insight

The faster your webpage loads, the easier it is for the users to use it. A faster loading web page also contributes to your web page ranking. Google’s PageSpeed Insight allows you to analyze your page’s site speed. It will also show you how to fix your page speed for the betterment of your users’ experience.

Google’s Mobile Friendly Testing Tool

Another example of Google’s technical SEO tools is Google’s Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool. The tool was deemed necessary because of their released mobile algorithm that helps determine a rank if a website is responsive on a mobile website. Moreover, this will help you cover all of your bases to make sure you are not left out of the rankings. Also, if the page you’re analyzing did not pass the standard, this technical SEO tool will help you fix it.

SEO Browser

SEO browsers allows you to review how your website looks through the search engine. This lets you ensure that all of your pages, content, and images show when visitors view your site. Additionally, some search engines may not pick up something important. Nevertheless, this technical SEO tool will help you figure out what it is.


Serpstat is an all-in-one technical SEO tool. This tool offers advanced analytics for your website. Also, it shows you the fluctuations in your market shares, and it provides insights on your site’s traffic distribution among various web domains. Some basic features of Serpstat are keyword analysis, backlink analysis, site audit, and competitor research.


If you think that all your efforts are enough, think again. As much as you want to reach out to people, if your voice isn’t clearly heard, your efforts will all be for nothing. Hence, to aid you in letting your website be known, we have given you these easy ways to improve your rankings this 2021. By considering using these technical SEO tools, your ranking will definitely improve.

If you’re looking for the best SEO company than contact to learn more about SEO and how to effectively use it for your website!

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