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Google Map Ranking: Get Into The Top 3 Google Map Placements

Google Map Ranking

Google Map Ranking: Get Into The Top 3 Google Map Placements

Google Map RankingYour Google Map Ranking is an essential tool to market or advertise your business on the web. It allows potential customers to discover you by simply searching on a few keywords in the search engine.

Aside from this, getting high Google Map Ranking helps you get ahead of your competitors while, at the same time, producing more businesses without additional expense.


How Does Google Determine Local Search Results?


There are several factors that Google takes into consideration when determining local search results. These factors are as follows:


1. Significance


This pertains to how relevant a particular listing is to the keywords that a user is searching for.


2. Proximity


This refers to the closeness of the listing from where the user is.


3. Distinction


This means taking into account the popularity of business (both on the web and in real-life settings).


Listing At The Top 3 Of Google Maps


So how will you get your business listing at the top three of Google Maps?
Here are a few ways:


1. Have your business listed on Google Maps


This is the first step, for without adding your business on Google Maps, you cannot have a high Google Map Ranking. Anyone can add a business to Google Maps, but only the one who proves the business listing ownership has the control.


2. Verify your Google Maps business listing


The business name, category, and location are needed upon creating a business listing . To prove your business ownership, Google Maps may require you to provide additional details about your business. The more information your business listing contains, the higher placement it will get in Google Map Ranking.


3. Add information about your business.


One key to maintaining good Google Map Ranking is being consistent with your business name and address. It signifies your trustworthiness, and Google Maps would love to promote businesses that it trusts. You may need to include some information in your local phone number, tracked and main number, business hours, business description, and a few photos of your business or products.


Upon completing these details, you also need to categorize your business correctly.


4. Get Google reviews


Having a high level of positive reviews encourages Google Maps to give you a high ranking because it prioritizes consumers’ satisfaction.


5. Centralize your Google Maps listing


This includes getting rid of duplicate listings and unnecessary information that may signify multiple listings for your sole business.


6. Consistently update your Google Maps business listing


You can do this by regularly publishing posts to notify Google that your business is active. You can also use a website to maintain your business activity. There are optimizations that you can utilize on your website to achieve higher Google Map Ranking.


7. Be responsive to your website


A big percent of users utilize mobile phones to search the Internet, so make sure that your website is accessible with different kinds of devices (from mobile phones to personal computers) that will help your business to get a high placement on Google Map Ranking.


8. Have your website embedded on a Google map


This enables Google to confirm that your business is located where the listing says it is.


If you’re a business looking to get found locally then we hope this article on Google Map Ranking helped give you some guidance on what it takes to get into the 3 pack! Getting a high placement on Google Map Ranking can help you improve your commerce, so make sure to observe these tips in setting up your local business listing.

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