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Best Business Opportunity

Best Business Opportunity

Are you looking for a top paying business opportunity that you can start off part time and work your way into becoming fully free from a 9 – 5? We would like to tell you about our 10 Tier Independent Business Opportunity.

The first thing to realize about the 10 Tier Business Opportunity is:

There is no limit to the number of 1st tier IBA’s you can bring onboard, which gives you the ability to continuously build your downline foundation which in turn could begin another potential 10 tier downline for you.

The most important and competitive benefit of our IBO program is its multi-level design. This means that each IBA is motivated not only to make direct sales to earn huge 1st tier commissions, but to also refer other IBA’s into their downline so they can earn off of all referrals, and then off of each and every sale made by IBA’s in their downline.

What is your gain?

Joining our Independent Business Opportunity, you have total access to the IBA Business Control Panel. In the Control Panel you can copy the links to distribute our products and refer others into the IBO. You can fully track your downline, the number of clicks on the banners or other promotional material, see conversions, etc. Our state of the art software was custom built to fully handle a 10 tier program. Just the ability to utilize this powerful software alone is worth the IBO fee in itself! It is truly powerful and gives you the ability to get started in the business world with tools that many company’s only wish they had.

As your referred IBA refers others into the Independent Business Opportunity, you continue earning a residual income from all of their efforts. As you or any IBA’s in your downline make a sale for any of our listed products or services, you continue to get a residual income for as long as the IBA in your downline OR client paying for a service or product stays active.

Every service or product we offer for resale by our IBA’s are based on a 10 Tier payout structure.

What makes such a dynamic company and business opportunity is:

1.) We provide value and results to the clients we serve through a full line of marketing and advertising services, priced LOWER then all of the competition with a network equal or even less then ours! Lets face it, what does it matter if you have products or services but yet they are so over priced or not sellable that your business opportunity nows becomes only sustainable, and profitable, if those business partners rely only on referring others. This is actually a typical pyrimaid scheme, scheme in the sense that it is not only a bogus program, but might actually be illegal!

2.) We provide multiple streams of income by not only offering you the ability to earn residual earnings off of the 10 tier IBO referral program, but also the ability to earn off of a 10 tier payout structure on most of our products and services! So when you refer an IBA to our program, not only do you earn off of the IBA referral commissions, but you will also earn off of EVERY sale an IBA makes in your downline…down to the 10th tier.

3.) We are continuously expanding our partnered network through affilaite sites and fully owned channels. Our online holdings continue to grow as we develop top level domains that we own or aquire. Each time we add a new channel to our network, we greatly increase the value we can offer to our clients. The greater the network the greater the reach. We do not have competition within the market segemnt we serve, period!

This is the power of a multi stream multi tier payout opportunity, and is the FIRST EVER to offer such an opportunity.

As you know, many multi level marketing opportunities make people a great income. We are set to break every record in MLM and all other commission based opportunities as our system has not previously been offered!

When you are ready for success we will be ready for you!

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