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Residual Income Opportunity

Residual Income Opportunity

Have you been searching for the #1 residual income opportunity or ways to generate income online? Are you looking to put in the time but you want an income opportunity that will reward your dedication and hard work? We think that you will find our FREE Customer Referral Program to provide you amazing earning potential with a company going strong since 2004!

With things changing so fast these days, understanding how to unbank yourself from the system is more important than ever! Yes, having a consistent paycheck can be vital for paying your bills, and keeping food on the table, but understanding how to make money online is super important.

Best Residual Income Opportunity

We hope you find great value in this article, and we hope you take ACTION to improve your financial situation to better your life, and those you can impact with more money!

A Revolutionary Compensation Plan

Residual income opportunities provide you the greatest possibilities to building a truly life changing income stream. Joining a company that provides products and services that others need at a competitive price will help ensure an easier sale, with greater volume to help you build your residual income.

10tier provides affordable web design, SEO, and online marketing services that business and entrepreneurs need at an affordable price giving you dozens of ways to earn. Our Customer Referral Program not only pays you on lifetime residual commissions, but it is based on a 10 Tier payment structure. This means that you not only earn residual income on every referral you make, but also on all of the referrals EVERYONE makes that you referred or have been referred through you!

For illustration purposes only, listed below are the payout structure’s for a few of the residual income opportunities offered to our Referring Customers (RC’s) based on our 10 Tier payment structure. When you make a referral you will always earn the amount listed as the 1st tier dollar amount. The dollar amount’s listed at every other tier is the amount you will receive when the RC in your downline makes a referral or sale.

This amazing residual income opportunity illustration below is based on referring only 3 people. We cannot guarantee your earnings because we cannot guarantee you will take any action. But for those with a burning desire for great success we provide the opportunity for you, and if you were to refer dozens of people your earning potential could be life changing!

Refer someone who purchases a yearly advertisement placed on 1 website in our ad network and your residual earnings will be:


1 Site Ad Promo - Customer Referral Program Comp Plan


Below are what we call ‘Next Level Earnings’

Sell an advertisement or promotion placed onto 10 websites in our network and your YEARLY residual earnings will be:


10 Site Ad Promo - Customer Referral Program-Comp Plan


eBusiness – Start Your Own Business Online

Many people want to join our free Customer Referral Program so that they can begin referring our services to generate residual income, but they don’t have a business currently so they aren’t sure how to get started. can help you start and grow your very own online business when you purchase our eBusiness system. It provides you with the web hosting, web design, a blogging system, and of course access to earn as an RC.

This is also a very popular service we provide that you will be able to refer to others looking to start their own business online and take part in the best residual income opportunity ever created. Below is the eBusiness compensation plan we pay for every referral made to the 10th tier.

(Commissions below based on you referring just 3 people and if they do the same-illustration purposes only. Income potential solely based on YOUR efforts)


Ebusiness Customer Referral Program Comp Plan


There is no limit to the number of 1st tier RC’s you can refer under you, which gives you the ability to continuously build your downline foundation which in turn could begin another potential 10 tier downline for you.

What is your gain?

Taking part in our FREE Customer Referral Program, you have total access to an advanced Marketing Control Panel. In the Marketing Control Panel you can copy the links to promote our services and help others also do the same, giving them the opportunity to generate residual income as well.

You can fully track all your campaigns, referrals and earnings, including the number of clicks on the banners you use, and the income you have generated. Our marketing control panel also lets you track all of the earnings you make from every referral everyone you referred makes as well!

For illustration purposes only here is a very simple overview of how you could start earning residual income with our Customer Referral Program:

As a customer of you decide you want to take advantage of our FREE Customer Referral Program so that you can start building residual income. On your website, in your emails, on your Social Media accounts and through word of mouth you mention the services provides, and that you are utilizing some of the services yourself!

When others see these promotions and shout-outs, and they are currently in need of the services we provide, or have been looking to start their own eBusiness, they will click on your links and some will sign up. When they use one of our services, you get paid! Now some time goes by, and they want to generate some referral income just like you did, so they also refer our services, and some new customers join because of them.

They earn themselves some residual income…AND so do you!

After those you sign-up start spreading the word, a week or so goes by and you have not yet made a referral, BUT someone you referred speaks to a local retailer and let’s them know about our cost effective advertising services. They need more business so they sign-up and you just made residual commission off of the sale of someone else!

In three weeks the business they referred refers a friend that is a local plumber, and guess what? They earn a residual commission payment and YOU earn a residual commission payment as well! This is the power of a multi tier residual income opportunity!

As everyone you referred also refers others to the services we provide you continue earning a residual income from all of their efforts in addition to any direct referrals you make. As you or any RC in your downline make a referral for any of our listed products or services, you continue to get a residual income for as long as that customer in your downline remains an action paying customer.

Looking at the Customer Referral Program Commission Illustration charts above can give you an idea of the kind of residual income that can be generated based upon the insanely generous commission payment structure we provide!

But what if you or someone you know has no current need for one of the business services we provide? Answer: our eBusiness is the perfect solution! Our eBusiness is the perfect turkey solution to help anyone get started online with their very own website, blogging system, access to our membership community, and ability to take advantage of the #1 Residual Income Opportunity of all time! Other customers simply signed up for our Managed WordPress Hosting service, which for $10 dollars a month allows them to host their very own WordPress website!

No matter the service, once your a customer of ours you can instantly participate in our multi tier residual income opportunity!

So you see if you’re still making excuses as to why YOU can’t make money online, don’t know how to get started, etc, etc, etc…the truth is you’re going to have a very hard time succeeding with any other ‘income opportunity’!

#1 Residual Income Opportunity

Now what makes such a dynamic company and the #1 residual income opportunity is:

1.) We provide value and results to the clients we serve through a full line of marketing and advertising services, priced LOWER then all of the legitimate competition with a network equal or even less then ours! Lets face it, what does it matter if you have products or services that you can refer yet they are so over priced or not sellable that the entire income opportunity is based on getting referrals for the income opportunity alone?

This is actually a typical pyramid scheme, scheme in the sense that it is not only a bogus program, but can actually be illegal!

2.) We provide multiple streams of income by not only offering you the ability to earn residual earnings off of our popular eBusiness system or other internet marketing programs, but also the ability to earn off of our highly sought after web design, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Ecommerce development and promotional advertising services. Every time you refer another service you begin yet another 10 Tier residual income earning opportunity.

3.) We are continuously expanding our partnered network through affiliate sites and fully owned channels. Our online holdings continue to grow as we develop top level domains that we own or acquire. Each time we add a new channel to our network, we greatly increase the value we can offer to our clients. The greater the network the greater the reach. We also own over 1000 domain names and we are continuously developing high ranking niche websites to serve our clients.

This is the power of a multi stream, multi tier income opportunity, and is the FIRST EVER to offer such an opportunity.

As you know, many multi level marketing opportunities make people great income. We are set to break every record in any free 10 Tier Residual Income Opportunity ever created, and all other referral commission based opportunities!

How could even partial success in an income opportunity like ours change your life?

What Next?

If you still feel that you need to learn more about the services we provide, or how you can generate residual income off of our Customer Referral Program please continue to review our service sections and visit our published compensation plans at

Many online income opportunities come and go, and most income opportunities online are setup to make those at the top rich with little chance of sharing the wealth with you. At we designed our Customer Referral Program to provide a truly amazing residual income opportunity that will give you the chance to generate some life altering income online.

When you are ready for success we will be ready for you! We look forward to serving you and helping you get up and running with the best residual income opportunity ever created, our free Customer Referral Program.

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