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5 Reasons You Need A Google My Business Page Today

5 Reasons You Need A Google My Business Page Today

Every business should have a Google My Business (formerly known as Google Places for Business) page, and this is why we put together this guide on the 5 Reasons You Need A Google My Business Page Today! Registering your business to GMB allows you to appear in Google’s search result. If you haven’t registered yet, it will enable us to give you some necessary information and discuss the benefits of being in GMB.

If you don’t have a Google Business Profile (Google Map Listing), you’re losing TONS of business to those that do!


What is Google My Business Page


Google My Business Page allows you to list your business location for it to appear in Google Maps and all local search results. Registration is for free, so it’s an opportunity you shouldn’t miss. Google also gives you the ability to create a FREE website for your business! As an example you can check out our Optimized Google Website.


Some of the information you can share includes your business, opening and closing time, contact number, and a link to your website. Based on the latest update, it also allows you to post a link to articles and upcoming events.


5 Reasons You Need A Google My Business Page


Whether you are a business with a physical location or an online business, being in Google My Business Page offers different advantages. So here are the 5 Reasons You Need A Google My Business Page!


Benefits of Google My Business Listing

Your Business Can Show Up In Google Maps Searches

If you take your customer into mind, you’d know that there are times when you’d look for a business in nearest proximity – may it be a restaurant, spa services, or nearest car wash – clients try to look for a company is near them.


If you are registered in Google My Business, you will be a part of the local search results. Imagine if you didn’t register your business, that’s already one opportunity lost for you.

Popping up in local searches poses a higher chance of people availing of your service, thus signing up for Google My Business is really of great help.


Appear in Google’s Local 3-Pack

5 Reasons You Need A Google My Business Page TodayGoogle’s Local 3-Pack is the part of the search results that displays relevant businesses based on the searcher’s geographical location. Still, with Google continually tweaking the local searches, it has now become a limited 3-pack.

Google’s Local 3-pack shows before the organic results, which means more visibility for your business. Brands or companies that are part of Google’s Local 3-pack gets a 70% boost compared to other companies. All this advantage for subscribing free to Google My Business Page. Any top SEO company will focus on local SEO services!


Earn your Client’s Trust


We cannot argue that Google is very much trusted when it comes to searches; therefore, appearing on top of it is such a big plus for your business. Clients tend to believe those businesses that are on top of the search results, and GMB can help you get there.


One way to earn your client’s trust is to have complete information that can refer to when they need it. Your business will become more trustworthy if (potential) clients can see all the information they need to complete that purchase.


Star Ratings Boost Your Ranking


Again, think like your customer. If you buy something online, which would you choose, a business with a 5-star rating, or a 1-star rating? Of course, you’ll go with the 5-star!

With Google My Business, customers will be able to review your business for potential clients to see. For as long as you are providing excellent and quality service, be confident that you’ll get a high star rating from your satisfied customers.


However, do not feel bad if there will be negative feedback. Take this as a lesson that you should learn from so you can improve your services. And one important thing, don’t just end up being sorry, do something about it.


Increase Traffic and Sales


If you are on the top of the search results, the client will most likely click on your business first. This can give you more site traffic and (hopefully) more sales.

We say probably because you have to give attention to your website, too. Searchers bring your customers to your site, but it will be your site that can clinch the deal.

By having a listing and popping up on searches, there is a 70% chance to attract customers to your store. And another good thing that Google found out is that 50% of them are likely to make a purchase.


5 Reasons You Need A Google My Business Page Today


These 5 reasons you need a Google My Business Page should help you understand the need to get your GMB going ASAP!

With Google My Business being a free platform to list your business, this is an opportunity you shouldn’t seize!

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